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As it looks like I'm going to be fishing a lake that holds these soon, was wondering if anyone has any advice on getting around them :?


Are they likely to be a problem at the end of April?


Am I likely to wake up in the morning to find all my baits have gone? Or are they likely to hook themselves, are larger hooks a way of avoiding them?


I've heard fishmeal baits will attract the attentions of poisson chats, but then Ive read that they can be attracted to fruity baits as well.


Thanks Andy C.

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Hi Andy,


I have fished France a lot in the past and have come across Poisson Chat many times.


If it's warm at the end of April you could have a problem, it's water temp related. Mid summer they are a nightmare.


Try netting your baits with womens tights!!! and try using balanced pop-ups because when they attack the bait, the pop-up keeps moving and they can't get it in their mouth.


They have very poor eye sight and they rely on their whiskers to locate food. They do have a preference for fish meals and don't waste your money on pellets they will anialate them!!!


I hope this of help to you, good luck. Let me know how you get on.


ps try tiger nuts, they don't like them!!




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Like Adam, I to have fished several waters with the little blighters and end endorse the advice given regarding meshing your boilie. One other thing to consider is that they seem to steer clear of Rosehip Isotonic boilies so its worth taking a few kilo of them with you. Good Luck :roll:

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Hi Andy


Couple of video clips I shot here if you don't or can't use tigers...





Also think about plastic boilies, or corn... feed hemp and maize they don't generally like it too much...


Finally use stiif rigs so they can't tangle your hooklink.




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You can't confuse silure with poissons, even small silure are just miniture versions of their big brothers. But thanks for the translation, who would have thought that 'poisson chat' meant 'catfish' :roll:


Back to the original post:


Every boilie I have ever tried has resulted in picking up poissons they are complete pains in the bum. Netting is fine as is stops your hook bait from being nawed away but it doesn't stop them showing an interest and trust me during the night the constant bite indications will drive you up the wall.


There is no miracle boilie in my opinion 'rosehip' included.


I would suggest you take the following approach.


Use boilie (whatever has been a frequent catcher of carp on that water) through the day as this way you can change bates frequently and monitor poisson activity you know when they are in your swim as you will get twitchy bite indications. Once the carp move in they will quickly move out. During the night switch to particle, tiger nuts or maize, these are the two baits that will keep them off.

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