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New lens testing (Back to wildlife + women)

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As you may know from my thread on "non carp banter", Ive gone and bought myself a new lens.


Went for a walk with my misses with my camera. Location was her choice...... happened to be my regular fishing lake, how thoughtful. :wink::lol:


As it is a zoom lens i assumed it wouldn't focus on close range objects. However, standing no more than 4ft from these creatures, fully zoomed in i was surprised it would focus.


After many attempts at getting the focus right on manual mode without them clearing off, I managed to get a few good ones. :D













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very lucky to live near a very rare pocket of reds joe...where abouts are you??


Red squirrels? Don't think he was. Only a grey one. loads of them about! :roll:


I live in the Bath area. literally surrounded with countryside. :D

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He is a hybrid for CERTAIN.....only asking because you are obviously in a lucky spot :roll:


I didn't realise at the time. Lots of them scurrying about! This particular location is on the Bath Spa Uni grounds. 8)

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Cripes Joe wiv that new lens,you can see the wrinkles on a pimple on a fleas left knager :shock:


Haha, almost! Currently fishing. Been trying to get shots of this kingfisher all day! It's just so fast!

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