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GROUNDBAITS, Method and Spod Mix

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Plenty of Ingredients to go into Groundbaits, some can be used neat, others as a Bulk Ingredients to make it go further.


As well as Groundbait mixes available from the Tackle Shops here are some ingredients.


Vitalin, is a complete Groundbait in its own right, can be used for Method Mixes mixed fairly stiff or go in spod mixes when used wet.


To prepare you can pour boiling water over the top the night before you fishing, then simply turn up with it on the Bank. You can pour PREPARED Particles into Vitalin and use that as they are. Or Vitalin can simply have water added at the Lake to put straight out. It can be mixed really wet to be a Liquid spod mix, using loads of water, or adding only just enough Water to dampen it down.

It can be mixed with the ingredients below or other groundbaits


Ground Pellets, which if boiling water is poured over can be used as a method mix as well. Or mix in with your Groundbait.

Bread crumb, white or brown, can be used neat, or to bulk up any mix you make.


Flaked Maize, another great ingredient, use it neat, or as a binder. Just pour Boiling Water over it and it will really cloud up in your swim. It creates a Milky Cloud that attracts.


Crushed Hemp. A 25kilogramme bag can be purchased from Animal Feed Suppliers for about £25, compared to the £3ish for a 500gram bag.


Porridge Oats

Can be bought from your local store, just mix into the groundbait, makes up a nice cloud, and binds well. You don't need much to hold together in your groundbait.



Other ingredients that can go into Groundbait, Tuna in Oil/Spring water, Base Mix, various dry, or tinned dog and cat foods.


A good groundbait then could be Vitalin, Particles, Ground Pellets, Tuna, maggots and Bread crumb. If you mix it really wet then it can be spodded, or dryer for Groundbait or method balling.




Beware if you put live maggots in groundbait and ball them in the wriggling maggots often break up the Ball in mid air


Here are also few specials that occasionally go in my Groundbaits, base mixes and Spod mixes.



Have a little look out for these,

Many are available from Seapets, Pets at Home or other pet stores.


Sera Raffy, Gammarus, Turtle treat, and the Can O' bits. I get a small container full and just tip it into my Spod or Groundbait mix. Did the same into Base mixes.


Also try Mealworms, live or dead, Animal Feed Suppliers.


Beware if you try it some do float, so may need soaking before use, by preparing groundbait or spod mix the day before you use it they will sink.



Spod Mixes can be a mix of Particles, Pellets etc, they can be as dry or as wet as you want. The only limit is your imagination and what the fish accept wherever you are.

When It comes to Fishing then there are loads of options and no Rights or Wrongs.

A Spod mix does not have to be just particles, it can be a mix of pellets, groundbait, or even just pellets and boilies. You don't really have to have a wet particle mix at all. Its just that for so long we have considered Particles as part of the spod mix, but its not essential. In fact a spod mix coud be just crushed boilies and groundbait, just pellets, whatever you think it is going to take to attract the fish.



My Favourite Spod Mix is Pigeon Conditioner and Hemp.

Thats not to say I use just Pigeon Conditioner and Hemp. I may add in Tares, Sweetcorn, Maize, Maples, Tigers whole or Crushed, Crushed Peanuts, Pellets, Vitalin, other groundbaits.


Another Member, Grego was using this:

sloppy mix of marine halibut and black amino swim stim groundbait, topped up with sweetcorn, maize, hemp, tares, partiblend, halibut and coarse pellets, broken boilies, whole boilies, a few table spoons of syrup per bucket, a fair bit of tiger nut extract, 250ml bait-tech pineapple CSL.



There are simply so many different types of Particles available and all will work or compliment each other if they have not been used before or the Carp are not used to them.


In fact in most cases even if Carp have seen them before, then they may not be scared of them as they nearly always eat so much before they get hooked that they can't identify whether they were caught on a Boilie or what Particle they were actually hooked on.


Anyone else have any special that they want to put up then add them to the thread.

Lovely Groundbait for you, very easy to prepare. The ingredients don't cost a bomb and are available from Animal Feed Suppliers.



Crushed Hemp

Molassed Rabbit Mix

Layers Pellets/Mash


After mixing this little lot together in a bucket I pour on some Neat Molasses and stir. I would suggest a Bank-stick rather than hands as the Molasses will stick and stain your hands.


Then I pour Boiling Water over the top and again stir well and Leave overnight ready for the next day. If you need to add a little water then its easy enough at the lake. Or if it is a little wet for you then add some Breadcrumb or other Groundbait. It can be used almost straight away though


This Groundbait can be mixed wet for Spod work or dry enough so that it is really stiff for balling in.


Vitalin as it comes is quite large particles and lumps, if you want it finer stick it into a grinder to grind it down to really fine particles.


You can use other liquids either as they are or as a combination as well:

Nutramino, Multimino, CSL Liquid, Vegetable oils (try to limit the oils).



Another ingredient that can be put into Wet or Dry Spod Mixes, mixed with Pellets in PVA Bags or spodded in neat is Boilie Crumb

Easy enough to prepare, get some boilies, and then simply put them through the grinder.

Don't get them too fine and end up with just dust (although that may work) but if you can end up with a mix of sizes of pieces, from dust up to chunks you have a great way to put some attraction into the lake that does not really fill the Fish up, but will keep them grubbing around for a fair time. As I said above, it can be used Neat in PVA Bags, mixed in with Particles, groundbaits, boilies etc in a Spod.



Also although long term it may work out more expensive than a large bulk buy from an animal feed supplier, local grocers may have various rabbit or bird foods and seeds pre-packed in bags on the shelf, and £2 for a bag is not that bad.

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This ,is a day at the office for me, i read with interest still the different mixes that people use and the mixes i get asked to produce, i favour our own vital which is a copy of vitalin, but i make 5 different flavours, ive had fantastic results with our banana and coconut mix on the method with pineapple chunk on the hair, all of these ingredients can be purchased from pet shops, as our moderator mentioned a rabbit mix which i must admit i make tonnes of but never thought about soaking it as a bait, i bet a fruity rabbit mix would work well.

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If you want to use ground Vitalin for other things, add 1 jug of it to the same of Semolina, and Pasta flour, 1/2 jug of Calf's or Ewe's milk replacer, and 1/2 jug of Fishmeal, and you have a very basic boilie base mix.

This works out at under £2.50 per kilo of rolled boilies, (working on around £1.20p for 9 large eggs, (Farm Foods), and 20ml of Cod Liver oil (Tesco).


BOF :wink:

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A good homemade ground bait mix I make is I put some sliced bread brown and white in to the airing cupboard over nite so it's like freeze dry, d and then you can great it Into a fine powered then some greated coconut you can get from the supper market you have to soak it overnight or it floats pleanter which is powered sweet corn from the supper market or and custed powered a bag of frozen sweetcorn, porridge oaks and some almond nuts brake some up as well as using whole ones then mixes up with condensed milk work really well use a peace of fake sweetcorn and half a almond nut for hook bait and job a good um

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I made ground bait the other day before I went fishing and it worked out to £1.65 for 1.25kg of it. Not sure how that compares to other baits but it seemed cheap to me.

It was

1 whole loaf of bread

1 packet of meaty rolls

and a sprinkle of gravy granules..

While on the bank I did add chick peas, sweetcorn and maggots but that was my preference.



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2 hours ago, yonny said:

And did you catch on it buddy?

Oh yeah I guess that helps! I did catch for little ones but as that was what I was going for it was a success! I will be using it again later this week/ early next week with a slightly different approach so hopefully I can catch a bit bigger this time.

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8 hours ago, PandA698 said:

Oh yeah I guess that helps! I did catch for little ones but as that was what I was going for it was a success! I will be using it again later this week/ early next week with a slightly different approach so hopefully I can catch a bit bigger this time.

Good for you matey... Hope you bag a gooden next time out 🙂

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