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November Catch Reports


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I can finally admit to catching something :D


I went down to Nazeing South/Central lagoons on Saturday knowing that I was going to be 'on the edge' of a few strong winds.


After a wander around I figured on an area that I had been thinking of for a while, a small bay that is on the causeway between the South and Central, but is a part of the South Lagoon.


I set up the bivvy and knowing about the strong winds I screwed the back of the bivvy with cup hooks to the base of the wood at the back of the swim.


At about 7pm I was sure I heard a crash from fish in the area, but wasn't 100% as the coots had been arguing and splashing. At 1am, I had an absolute screamer on the running lead and a combi rig of about 15cms long, a meshed 18mm Shrimp boilie (field testing :P:wink: ), and a Spice Garlic pop-up of my own recipe. The indicator just pulled up, and stayed up, and the resulting strike was met with my first fish from the 60 acre lagoons of 23lb8oz.


I don't usually bother with ounces, but being as it was my first fish from the water, I did. I also had to decide how to get pictures as within the time from hooking to landing the wind absolutely smashed in, the bivvy was in danger of being ripped apart despite the cup hooks abd there was absolutely no way that I could do any self takes. I finally decided to sack the fish in the very deep margin so that first thing in the morning I could get it sorted:




I was just over the moon at landing a fish from the lagoons, but on seeing it in daylight and in the pictures I'm still made up.

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Those crays had been doing my head in, and after all my 'talk' of using wooden balls (on another rod), it came on a meshed bait set-up.



I'd had a few bleeps before the take, and when I landed the fish you could see where the crays had managed to cut the mesh and taken chunks out of the pop-up and bottom bait.


For the rest of the session I was checking the meshed baits mid morning and late afternoon, and on occasions reeled in just a ball of stocking on the hook and hair.


It's even made it to B&F's page on FB :wink::D8)

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