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Guest keenook

Griffins Lake 1993.

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Guest keenook

Another Old Skool tale I would like to share with you all.

This one is very special indeed as it was my last session before I left the UK to find a new life in Hong Kong!


Now this small gravel pit (around 4.5 acres) was where I tried to catch my very first Carp, Yes I lost one on my first attempt!


Now this small mature gravel pit, just outside of Canterbury, was full of features and Islands! I knew the topography like the back of my hand! That's hard work that is never wasted! As you will see as you read on!


It had a total stock of twelve Carp, and around a Million Tench! I must say that I love Tench fishing on light gear, but not on Carp gear!


So many a year passed and I caught a few of the fantastic but elusive Carp.


So on to the sesh!


Even on my way to the lake I could smell them, now this may sound crazy, but I kid you not, I could!


I even knew where to Angle!


So on arrival, I headed to where Isaac had pointed me.


It was high pressure and I knew where they would be, no look around needed, I headed to the swim, the lake was empty, being mid week, Perfect!


As I dropped my gear ( all carried on my back, Pre trolley days) A Carp crashed out three times, and I knew what over!


To my front was an Island and looked prime, and knew that running away to the right, was a bar that came back to me like a Horse shoe!


Now I knew a spot on the near side of the bar had a tiny spot of sand at the base of the bar.


This was the plate on the table!


This is the art of watercraft, the knowing.


This is not learnt easily, but through years of hard work!


Tackle used:-


Fibretube Carp rods, 2x 2lbs tc 1x 2.25lbs tc.


Reals: The superb ABU Cardinal 55's


Hardware:- Gardner original Pod and bars


Alarms:- The superb Delkim conversions!




The rods and reels used:-




On to rigs and baits, all of my own design!


A superb fishmeal bait, made from my own base mix, of Premier Baits Ingredients.


So, confident with choise of swim the work begins, to find the spots!


Now this is said so many times today, however, to me a spot is a dinner plate for the Carp, and on difficult waters, only a bait presented on the plate will catch!


I knew the right hand rod was on the plate! The other two rods were perfectly placed as I caught many Tench the first night, then I had a proper take on the right hand rod, off of the plate!


A single tone from the Delkim awoke me, Battle was on!

Great fight and an awesome 17+ Mirror was landed!


That's what carp angling is all about, not size!


Nothing else happend over night, except multiple Tench!


The next night, around 3am I had another single toner from the Smelkim!


Same rod and spot as before!!!


The fight was awesome, but won!

On shinning the head torch into the net, I could see a big old Mirror Carp, and an old friend, as this was a re- capture!


Now this old Carp was over Thirty Five years old, and at our first meeting was infact my new PB at 19.8lbs.


Her she is, The old warrior!





This time five years later went at 23.5lbs, I was so happy to meet again!

In my time on the pit, I caught 9 of the 12 residents, and loved every second of it!


Note the home made matt!


Carp Angling is in my blood to the day I Die!

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Guest keenook
great carp story always an interesting read lets have some more, by the way i love all the old photos


Cheers' Pete, will have to dig deeper................Oh wait, just got one, will sort it soon, my very first Carp!

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