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Hi Guys, just wanted to say "Hi".


I've been in Australia since 92 and like many others thought I'd left carp fishing back in the UK forever.

I managed to catch a couple of carp up to 20lb when I first arrived but eventually gave it up because of the negative attitudes over here.


Started carping back in 1979 after a mix of tench,chub and barbel fishing all over the place.

Have fished quite a few waters (mostly what was Leisure Sport back then)... Staines (Fox Pool), Yately, Darenth (when they still had the GP at Brands Hatch), Wraysbury 1 & 2 as well as Larkfield in Kent and the Johnson's Railway lake.


Moved back to Victoria from NSW a couple of years ago and happened upon a water 30 minutes away. First trip I mucked about with a float and caught a perch and a roach (I know the water has trout too).

Second trip I met a Macedonian dude who was sitting behind a couple of rods with bite alarms (hadnt seen that over here before :shock: ).

He had caught a small common and a trout on worms. He said he got smashed up on a bigger carp which was a surprise as it looked like he was using pretty heavy line!.


Well the long and the short of it is I'm back on the horse (so to speak).

Am sorting through the tackle I have and will bring back a lot more when I go back to the UK for Xmas next month.


Am looking forward to getting back into it (despite the prevailing attitudes :roll: ).


Glad to see there is a band of like minded carpers down under :D .




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