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All money made from or in France MUST be declared in France, it is illegal to register any business solely in the UK where the income comes from renting French property or sales made in France etc.


And don't tell me it is tosh because I know of several individuals/fisheries it has already happened to.....including a friend of mine whose house and lake was confiscated and he was given the option of prison or never coming back to France again. He chose the latter, and the case took place in Brittany.


You can still choose to evade taxes if you want, that's up to you, but if you are not registered in France in the first place that is illegal and anyone knowingly using an illegal business is also committing illegality.



If it has not got a SIRET numnber don't go....simples!


A couple of things..

Nowhere did i say that a business in France doesn't have to be declared there..

Nowhere did i say that a non registered business won't or can't be closed down..

As for your 'friend' there has got to be more there than meets the eye there!


Knowingly... The reality is that of the hundreds of thousands of anglers over the last 20 odd years who have fished 'non registered' fisheries in France i have NEVER heard of one single customer of a commercial fishery that has had their tackle confiscated on a raid due to the business not being registered.

The reality is, the odds on being on a water when it's being raided as an illegal business are minimal to say the least, and then the odds on having your tackle confiscated must be virtually non existent. In fact you've probably more chance of it being stolen!

I do understand your motives for 'scaring' people off from fishing a 'non registered' fishery (i presume you run a registered venue) but scaremongering is all it is when you look at the reality of suffering the concequences you outline whilst fishing here.


PS I'm not a lawyer, but i have fished here since the late 80's and lived here for the last thirteen.

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I am not seeking to scare people off (I have no need to) but to just alert people to the law.


It may never happen, but the point is it could because the French tax police have the power to take tackle as well as impuond cars if they wish. I agree they probably won't in the interests of entente cordial, but there is a first time for everything.


Perhaps you should ask Brian Skoyles how he felt and what happened when the unregistered lake he was fishing in the Limousin was raided at dawn by the tax police whilst he was fishing?

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