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Guest keenook

Off the Radar!

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Guest keenook

Well this goes back a few years, I don't want to say how long, as I'm getting old! Let's say in the early 80's!


Now I had been Angling for years, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Bream, Tench, Pike and finally CARP!

I remember the first Carp I had ever seen on the bank, I was bits fishing on Fordwich Lake, Canterbury, a more stunning lake is hard to imagine!

And a Guy from the next swim came to see me, and said " I've Just caught a Carp!" "Do you want to see it?" I said " Hell Yes!"

So I followed him back to his swim, he then lifted the net and placed it on the grass. The Carp was Massive!

All 12lbs! And I had not seen such a stunning creature before!


From that moment, a Carp Angler was born!


I had been Carp angling for a few months, but still to land one!

In that time, I had read everything about Carp angling I could get my hands on. Now, back then was a different Carp world compared to today!

Carp were a rare commodity back then, now, every muddy pool is chokka block full of Carp........So is Carp Angling the same, or has it changed?

For me today's Carp Scene could not be further removed from those long lost days!

Carp Anglers were a certain breed....................Strange!

What Angler, with half a brain, would spend weeks on end Angling for the unseen Leviathan???


That made Carp Anglers a different breed and little bit special, and I was one amongst the few!


Did people ask you " What bait you on?" or "What Rig you using?" NO! They did not! And to this day I would not ask!


There were no forums, weekly Mag's and NO Internet or DVD's

So If you wanted to Catch Carp, you had to learn, and learn by yourself, as help was not an option, so get on with it!


Where I was working at the time, a customer would come in and talk fishing, he invited me to join him and two friends for a weeks fishing, I said YES! They were bits Anglers and a good bunch, I however was a Carp Angler, even though I had not caught one yet!


So to the sesh!

They had rented a Caravan for a weeks beer up away from their Lady's!

I was single mindedly after my first Carp!






When I saw the pool!


3/4 Mile long and half a mile across!

So how did I play it? The same as if fishing a pond, searched, found and baited likely spots!

I lost a whacker on the first morning, a wind knot! Mini Tutties on a stringer cast to a bar, I could not control this Animal, the sheer power makes me shake today!


I must add the tarty tackle I was using!

Odd Reels, Odd Rods and Sundridge Antenna Buzzers, 45" Wavelock Brollie, Tesco sleeping bag, and a blue sun lounger.


And I was fishing for Record sized Carp at the time, Madness!


The bait was rolled on the bank and boiled on my cooker!

This was a KM base with worm extract as an attracter.


Next day, I went stalking in a large shallow bay, these Carp were huge! I spotted a bow wave coming from my right, pulled the mixer in to the line the Carp was going for...........................................He slowed, a huge mouth engulfed the mixer, the line pulled up through the surface, and I struck...........................................................And missed, that Carp was 40lbs + !


I returned to my base swim, only to watch an upper 30 feeding on my baited spot! I tried to cast a free lined bait, but the wind in my face made this impossible!!!


Nothing happened for two more days, so something had to be done!!!

The next morning I raked the right of the swim, as the rake hit the water, a Carp head & shouldered on the spot!


I was covered in silt, weed and Leaches!

The right hand spot was a gravel hump not 20 yrds out! The water was like tap water!

That night at around 1am, I had a take...................Buzzzzzzzzzzz then stopped. Buzzzzzzzzzzz I'm in to a Carp, I can still hear the silence!


The Carp never got weeded, a miracle!

And after 15 mins or so of knocking knees, I landed my first ever Carp, A prime Mirror. Dark and Grey and lovely!

No sack, sling or scales, I left the monster in the net, pegged down with a bank stick!

I ran back to the Caravan for help, and to try to awake the three drunks, which I did!

The Carp was weighed in at 17.8 and I was the happiest man alive!


To bag one from this huge water was heaven!


I later found out that the pit had been stocked with 60 Carp! And was later to find it the hardest water I have ever fished! I blanked on there for three months fishing 2-3 days a week!

So what a water to catch my first Carp!


I will add a pic of the said Carp ASAP.


Thanks' for reading.

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