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January Session

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I got to Nazeing at 8 am on Monday morning, had a good walk around, and saw that the sluice was running through from the North lagoon; there was no way that a lead would hold in the area, so I walked around towards the causeway between the South and Central. As I got to Long Island I saw what I thought were flat spots in the ripple at the top end of the island in the main lagoon, so with the dogs I walked all my gear up there, and set up on the causeway.


I carried on watching the water, and convinced myself that the flat spots were caused by carp. A quick flick around with the marker rod, and the spots were all on the silt at about 50metres. Rods were all cast out with The Bait and Feed Co's Prototype Shrimp bottom baits and Spice Garlic pop-ups snowman on a pretty simple running/bolt rig, and each had a 5bait stringer attached.


I couldn't fish slack lines due to the current that was pulling the lines when slack, so I had to recast the 2 left rods, and as the lead hit bottom make sure I got up all the slack and then fit the indicators with the line kept tight.


At 2 o clock in the night, I had a screaming take on the left hand rod, and after a good scrap managed to land the first fish which was a 26lb mirror. Session sorted, I'm happy!


Tuesday was very quiet, but a few calm spots showed in the still coloured moving water, so I cast the rods back into the area.


I often don't clip up, or even mark the line, I just cast out watching the spot I want to hit and the rods were cast out on muscle memory to the same spots.


On Wednesday at about lunchtime my little dog Douglas was sitting twitching his nose at the left hand rod, and it bleeped. As I prepared to swear at him, the bleep turned into a few more, and the line just carried on leaving the baitrunner in a hurry, so I struck into another fish, which turned out to be a 20lb humpbacked mirror.


On Thursday, I was laying in bed watching the world, when the same rod again bleeped, and then carried on running as another fish took the bait, this one I came so close to losing as the hook pulled as I went to pull it away from the snags to my left. With a back handed sweep, I somehow managed to get the fish into the net and quickly weighed it at 26lb again, before putting back into a sling for some photos. Immediately recasting the rod with another 5 bait stringer, I despatched it to the same spot as previously, and John came round from further round in the South lagoon to do some pictures for me. As we were just lifting the first fish onto the mat, I had another series of bleeps on the same rod, and lifted into a fish which again, scrapped its way to the bank, this turned out to be a beautiful mirror of 16lb.


Every single take came on the left hand rod. I had cast the middle rod no more than 10metres away from it, but the fish were so close that it stayed untouched












I try to keep my rigs fairly simple. The crays on this water have been an absolute pig to deal with at times, so I want rigs that I can just attach a fresh bait on in a hurry, so a simple hair, bottom bait (meshed or plain) or even soaked wooden ball and a pop-up.

In this pic, you can see the end tackle (minus the 3oz lead), plain running lead or bolt rig when fished with a tight line, Mantis hooklink, and a size 6 line aligned Gardner Mugga. The same rig accounted for all 4 fish, no changes, except a fresh bottom bait. The pop-up has been tied on with a length of monofilament, which is why there is a loop at the end of the hair.


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Good angling Nick. What time did the fish come?Any consistency to 'bite time'?


Not really.

2am, 13.00 (ish), 8.30 and 9.00.

The only consistency were the 2 on Thursday morning, and that was a case of catch fish, put it into sling, rebait and recast, then as the photos were about to be done, another run.

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Nick, great session, and good write up 8) really pleased you are starting to get among the fish at Nazing, i am still with out a proper venue for this coming year, there is just no where close enough that i want to be at, after my 2 seasons on the nene valley at willow pool i wont be travelling that far to sit and blank

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Not bad going nick, shame you was troubled by those pesky carps, hate it when that happens , hopefully you'll be on the bream next time :o


The bream in there have been known to top 17lb


Could be worse, could be a double figure tench :shock::lol::lol:

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well done nick!! them pylons would give me a shock at night with my casting!! ouch!!


Lets just say you do have to be a tad careful to make sure you don't put a cast too high. I've not done it myself, but someone on Brackens pool did manage to cast over the lower cable.


At least in that swim you are casting alongside the cables rather than at an angle towards them.


One of the guys from National Grid was around, and reckons the cables are 20metres above the ground (laser measured I believe), and said that he has to check tree heights. If a tree grows to within 5metres of the cables it is soon trimmed down. Anything closer than 3.5metres is arcing range.


And it is now official:


The Bait and Feed Company, 31 January.


The Bait & Feed Company's Sponsored Angler Nick Gordon has had an outstanding 3 fish haul from a Lea Valley pit on our new Shrimp bait. Pictures to come & a big well done Nick



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