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the baby koi and friends.


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What part of the country is this in woody.? Looks lovely...... Couldnt be doing with snakes though, id end up in the lake........


Probably only Grass snakes. Adders prefer dry heathland.


Dont care.....Id still be in the lake if one of the horrible, slithery little gets came towards me :shock:

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scattering of snotties but not many. big perch and roach. lots of pike but nowt huge. if eels are your thing were always pulling the damn things out between 5-7lb.


No big Tincas?


I know this goes against the grain for a one eye'd carper like yourself, but, yeah, I'd love to bag a 7lb eel. Big ells are very special, and getting rarer by the year.


How big do the Perch go?

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i know of a few that have done 3lb plus. i try n flick the eels of in the margins or you get in a right pickle on the bank! im told it used to be full of tench but nolonger.


another sad thing is in the old boathouse the members used to write down catch reports on the wall in pencil (old members like mark walsingham) but the national trust whitewashed it over.


graham its in gloucestershire.

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