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Carp lake - with accomadation

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Looking for some advice please. The other half is having a major hip operation later in the year. I want to take her away for a week somewhere hot with a nice little cabin/cottage/chalet - she won't be up for walking or site seeing etc. She will just be happy reading books, using her tablet, sunbathing etc.


I want to try to co-incide it with a fishing trip.


I have never been fishing to France before, so I don't want a hard water, in fact I wouldn't mind a runs water.


- I don't mind if I don't get the lake to ourselves, but would like a designated swim.

- Ideally the accomadation would be close enough that I could sleep inside whilst fishing, or bivvy up near enough to be easily shouted at by the other half to get up if she wants help etc.

- I would prefer a small lake, just so I can go stalking and always be nearby.

- Toilets and Shower/bath is a must.

- Would prefer to go Sept/Oct.


I haven't worked out a budget yet, or how we will get there (fly or drive). Just purely fact finding at the moment. I do think I have left it to late for this year now but no harm in trying....

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I think we can offer you everything that you are looking for as we have several options available on our site (we have three lakes and two different sorts of accommodation).

Have a look at our website: http://www.martinslakes.com and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



PS we can work out a price according to your requirements if they are a bit different to our standard packages. We also have a few weeks left in Sept/Oct so let us know as soon as possible.

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have a word with mrrusheslake (kim) small room next to toilet and anglers room with sky tv and comfy sofa's also if you booked bluecamp swim your misses could shout you easily,no cooking either the food package is nice and plentyfull think the room only cost about just over £100 for a week,but ask kim to be sure

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Why France? Have you had a look at venues in the UK.


Weather, crowded and cheaper. As the original post said the other half is due for an operation and we want to go somewhere that will allow her to sunbathe and simply chill out and read books. You cannot guarantee the weather in the UK at any time of the year, we have hired a whole lake to ourselves so she can lounge around in the sun in a bikini without having to cover up should someone come to chat fishing etc and we got it for what I think is a bargain price.

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Oh yeah sorry I forgot myself for a moment there. :oops: I was actually thinking about all the travelling for the convalescing wife, not the size of the fish he MIGHT catch.


Wife???? I have managed to avoid that sentence - so far.


We did look at a few UK venues but it was weather and how busy I thought some of the places might be that put me off most. She wants to sunbathe and is quite big up top and I don't think she would fancy sunbathing on a lake where she could have others walking past etc.

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Its just possible the venues in France are better stocked together with bigger fish :lol::lol::lol:


Actually as it is my first trip and the fact that it is meant to be a relaxing break the lake I have booked doesn't have a huge head of large carp - although it does have a chance of just beating my PB.


I just wanted somewhere quiet peaceful and where we could get away from it for a week with few interruptions etc.


I haven't told her yet but if this trip goes well I intend to try to make it a yearly event, maybe trying out different lakes each time.

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