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Wafters - check that they actually waft!

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I went out for a day session the other day using a birdfood boilie on one rod. For the second rod I wanted a hookbait to compliment some Sticky Baits Bloodworm pellet that I have been using in little bags.

I saw some dumbell wafters (cork dust) form Sticky baits in my local tackle shop and thought that these were ideal - small dumbell hookbaits that complimented the bloodworm pellets... I should have checked the buoyancy of them first! after a couple of hours I reeled in to change the bag, lowered the rig into the margin to see how the hookbait behaved after being submerged for a while and to my horror I discovered that they were in fact pop-ups and I was fishing popped-up off the lead! Far too buoyant for a"wafter" as it took a fair bit of putty to critically balance it back down. I can only assume that the amount of cork dust was mistakenly increased for this batch of baits.

I should have known better to believe what it "said on the tin" and was kicking myself for such a stupid schoolboy error.


Has anyone else come across over-buoyant wafters? Surely the whole point of a wafter is that it sinks under the weight of the hook and no additional weight is required to balance them. Another lesson learned...

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Hook size plays a big part when using wafters. The ones I use sink and waft around perfectly with a size 8 mugger but float with a size 10.


As ian said, you could also increase the length of the hair if you like the hook size this would help the wafter waft :wink:

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