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come on then, what pets you got or would like


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Thank you chicken george :)


Either way they had to go . Could you imagine it ? 8 of em at 4 am ffs ...

Mind you i should of kept em ....first complaint and i woulda grassed up the dealers next door in case it was them :)



 I would imagine the 8 of them would have been loud enough to need ear defenders.


 When you get more than on they can compete with each other to see who is the loudest, and has the biggest kahunas :wink:

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We found the swarm in the spring ... got them settled in there new hive . I don't know how much you know about bee keeking Buzz , but you have the brood chamber where the queen does her sole job of laying eggs and the honey supers ( chambers) where you harvest your honey from . The queen is unable to enter the honey supers due to a grid with gaps to small for her to pass through, so she can't lay eggs in there . So when you get a new swarm the first job is to get the colony going in the brood chamber then you add the honey supers later..... We should get a fairly good crop in a few weeks , next year will be even better though . Really enjoying it if the truth be told

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I think what normally happens hear dal, is you you just set up your hives permanently in the farmers crops . As you can't just pick up a hive and move it , the bees would return to where you took them from . I think I can remember reading that you can move the hive 3 ft a day without annoying the colony to much. Still a novice myself so could be wrong .

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I didn't know exactly what a lurcher was, always thought they were border collie/greyhound crosses or very similar dogs so I have some learning to do. The greyhound for pursuit and the border to cut them off at the pass. I've always admired that with a lurcher you can go hunting with just a dog and a sack to put game in and possibly a club to dispatch it with. Not a practical dog in my climate though.

Chillfactor I'm sure your honey harvest will be great. What do they feed on, alfalfa, clover?

Honey (to my knowledge) is the only food that never spoils.

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If i am correct a lurcher is a sighthound i.e greyhound crossed with anyother breed to create a lurcher they can be long hair,short,broken coated.

The breeding for example the percentages of cross is important to create the dog you require for your sport for example a small fast dog for rabbiting i.e bedlington/whippet or for bigger game greyhound/saluki cross.

This is my best pal in the world manujy8e.jpg

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