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what size carp are you fishing for?, allways make sure your clutch is set at the right tension for the line you are using, if the tension is set too tight then the line will snap before the reel releases it, the screwy bit will either be your baitrunner setting or your clutch depending on what type of reel you are using.


mufty. :)

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how should i fight a carp??? and what is the screwy bit on the back of my reel used for??

also what breaking strain should i use? im using a cage and size 4 hook. but have lost my line many times. i am currently using 5lb line. :?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?:


I may be completely out of line (no pun intended) but I have a feeling that this is a bit of a comedy poster! Apologies if I am wrong but uber basic stuff like this can be googled much quicker than getting a response here!


If I am wrong:


1. Explore your tackle and find out how it works

2. Go to a local tackle shop and ask them to show you some basic set up to get you going.

3. Read some introductory websites on carp fishing, safe rigs, fish safety and care.

4. Most importantly. Do all this before you hit the bank!

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