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May Catch Reports

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Hi Everyone,


increased my pb to 18lb yesterday with a mirror carp from my local fishery Moreton,


having selected swim, created what woud normally be classed as spod mix, but using extremly long landing net handle placed rig and some of the mix within about rods length from bank and to one side


rig was inline lead and short braid link with two bits of corn s they would come up off the silt approx an inch or so


within 30-45 mins the mirror picked it up and the rest is history


tight lines to you all :)

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Another five fish yesterday, biggest about 12lb, nothing to shout about, but a good learning curve, Plan B and Tigers were the order of the day. The new rigs are working really well,

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Well I've managed a couple of sessions over the past week and managed a fish or 2 so I thought a little write up was in order.

I got a ticket last year for a local water known as the marshes which is situated on the Mersey estuary by the Manchester ship canal and consists of 3 pools 2 maybe half an acre and the other an acre or so.

I had reasonable success in my 1st year catching probably every other trip with fish to 14lb the average size fish is between 8-12lb so I didn't do too bad.


After getting this years ticket I did a 16lb 5oz common at the end of March so felt I was starting to get a grip a bit more of the water,but as usual the dreaded work took over after the Cromwell social and it was work,work,work.


Got up a couple of weeks ago for a 4hr session and although I didn't catch I got to put a bit of bait around the bigger lake but with all the rain we've had over the last 8 months the cut off between two of the lakes had flooded so I took a walk up and put a kilo or so spread out over the now joined smaller pit.


Last Thursday I had a free night after work so arranged with me fishing buddy to do a quick after work session ..... I honestly couldn't of picked a worse night.

The marshes is VERY exposed, its a flat plane and any wind that comes over from the welsh mountains hits us 1st and my god was last Thursday windy

We got hammered by a strong north/west wind it rained on and off for a few hours and we got pelted by hailstones raining in like bullets ...... And we didn't even take a brolly with it being a quick session .


By 9 we'd just about had enough and everything was packed away .... I'd tackled one rod down and the other was lying on its side next to me as my mate was babbling on about how daft we was to have come fishing on night likes tonight when I heard a clutch whizzing.... I said your snagged robbo as he was reeling his last rod in I looked down and seen line peeling off my reel.... I was in !!!! . After bending into the fish it just arched round to my left and after 30 seconds it was no more than 20 yards away.

"It's a bream I think or one of the little uns" I said as I got it under control pretty easy ...... And then spent the next 10 minutes getting pulled from left to right as it decided it wasn't a bream anymore but a better one..... And it wasn't happy :)

Anyway after netting we looked down to see it was in fact one of the better ones the lake held a fish the locals call 3 scale and one of 2 that break the 20lb barrier now and again.

I'd been playing around with my rigs and decided to go against my usual snowman/long hair and was trying out a really short hair and a bit of shrink tube on a fang twister and snakebite gold ..... 1st time out and I'd had a fish so I was chuffed ( my other rod was same set up but long hair )

Plan B 18mm glugged bottom bait with a yellow avid sight stop over 10 freebies and a handful of pellets left over from Cromwell did the biz

The weather had calmed down a bit and with a fish in the net coming after work for a few hours didn't seem so daft now.

As I've said they don't grow too big in the marsh but I think they are lovely looking fish and I was over the moon as the scales settled on 19lb 3oz ....




There was no time for a recast so a kilo of bait was chucked out and a return on Sunday for a night session was arranged....


When we arrived Sunday morning there's was a few on and after a quick chat to the bailiff (he was in the peg I was in Thursday night) he said he'd be off by dinner so after sorting the gear out we was fishing for 1pm. A kilo of plan B some hemp,pellets and tares were bodged out as we soaked up the rays and had a beer or 2..... The weather was the complete opposite to the Thursday night and after fishing zigs all day the bottom baits were cast out trying to tempt another.

Both rigs were now the same as the other night,one fished on the bait and the other just to the edge of it...... And the lager just kept flowing and with a ship cruising down no more than 40 yards away the world was a good place



An hour after dark and the temps starting to drop pretty rapidly it was time to squeeze one last bottle down our necks before turning in for the night.

I woke about 4am for the inevitable wee .... It was freezing and after what seem like forever i finished up and had a look for a minute or so over the water .... Dithering I climbed back into the warm bag and started to get comfy...... BEEEEPPPP I had a flyer.

After a 10 minute scrap i had a lovely looking mirror in the net and woke robbo up to take a few pics.


The scales settled on 16 lb 6 oz and after a recast and a brew I settled down for an hrs kip. No more fish came our way and after a slow pack up it was time for home and time with the family (and a roast dinner) lol


This was my alarm call



Every tactic,method I've learnt from members from this forum so I want to say a big thanks to all the help,advise and for putting up with me over the last few years..... I'm going again tomorrow night after work for another 4 hr session but seeing as my mate has struggled a bit and as tempted as I am it looks like ill be fishing the bottom end of the lake where he had a few out the other week ...... That's what friends are for :/ lol


Fingers crossed and ill be able to add to this report ....


Cheers lads :)

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Ended up doing another 4hr after work session last night. As said in the other report I've had some success lately up the marshes so when I arrived at 4.30 I was feeling pretty confident. My fishing buddy wanted to fish the bottom end of the lake so we made our way down and had rigs and a few freebies out by 5. After speaking to a couple of lads through the week I'd found out that they'd had a few out on a pink boilie they'd been putting in so with this in mind I changed my approach slightly from the last 2sessions.


The bottom end is a bit more weedier and has quite a few pads so hook size was increased from size 8 fang twister to a 6. Hook length was snakeskin again with one bait 3/4 18mm plan b with 1/4 pink squid and octopus pop up on a short hair,the other was a snowman rig with plan b and pink pop up. Both were fished in bags of micro pellets.


The weather was overcast but pleasant and with the place to ourselves my confidence grew. I had a little bleep on the snowman rig that I'd cast to the edge of a Lilies bed that turned into a full blow run 5 minutes later. I was on it like a flash but the fish still managed to nudge itself into the edge of the lilies so dipping my rod under the water and giving it maximum pressure it came free after a few seconds. A spirited 5 minute fight saw me land another pretty mirror that went 16lb 8oz ..... I was over the moon :)

My last 3 fish have all been above average size for the venue so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself and its now 3 sessions without a blank so that will do me



I recast and half hour before last light I had a few beeps again but it wasn't to be but I was more than happy with my fish. My poor old mate robbo is now on 3 blanks and he's not fishing much different to me it just goes to show that when your lucks in you got to take advantage. My dilemma now is I've promised myself to hang me rods up for a few weeks to concentrate on my allotment ..... But with luck on my side I can't see it at the moment :)


Cheers Stevo

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