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Robert’s 36 lb. and 8 oz. Buffalo

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On this day Friday 3 2013 my son and I went carp fishing at Ed’s Lake in China Grove, North Carolina. We just fish what they call the wall. That is the jugs and jackpots and one that they call the floating jug and season fish off. So we went and got setup and started to fish and were getting our reels in the water. Then there was a man that was to end up fishing on the other side of my son and that stop him from fishing were he waited to.


I started to get some bites and then one took it up and I got him. It was a catfish. Got baited back up and one took off with my end one a gene and I got him this time a smell carp. Then my son got a couple on my reels and that was the way that it was for the night. He only got one fish off his reels. But we fish broth sets like we were catching fish with them all you know. Then we double up on my reels and I got one in about 12 lbs. When I was reeling it in I look at my son for he call me. I could not get to him but he had a hog. It was on my reel but his bait he has got two PB on my reels now and I would not have it no other way. Anyway he had a buffalo that went 36 lbs. and 8 oz. what a fish it was.


That went on the season fish off so now I just have to get my times in I hope. I had a 19 on it I feel better now with the 36.8 on it. He also won a 100.00 with the fish that’s 2 jackpots this year so far. It was a 300.00 dollar fish up to today and Ed changes the jackpots. We got around 12 carp on my reels and the one buffalo I say. We got out of the house for free you can’t beat that can you. Now I have got to get a buffalo myself I have never got one of them. All in all a great night fishing! PC

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How much do you pay to fish at those paylakes? Do you pay an entrance then enter for the pots you want to fish for, so you can choose? 36 and change is a pig no matter what kind of fish it is, well done to your son.

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buzzbomb we just get on what they call the wall. it has all the jars and jackpots in it at the lake. it cost 35.00 to fish that. we don't fish the duby for it cost to mush now to get in. you have to win to much to get your money back and if every one is winning its hard to do. if you get a bad draw then you are out to so there is a lot to think about. that is way we just fish the wall. PC

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