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Fishing Gear a tight budget.

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I bought a rod of dragon carp for a £10 for a spare 2.75lb test curve and I wasn't too optimistic but I have caught many fish on it including my pb of over 20lb with no problem, yes its not the best like a bit 'whippy' when casting but for what I need it for it perfect and have bought some accessories from there and is spot on, so if any one is just starting up or looking to get some gear on the cheap then I highly recommend it!

Anyone else got any bargains worth shouting about?

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there are many companies who offer cheaper equipment and for the most part they are suitable for use, however dont expect it to last for very long or to perform to more exacting standards. As I mentioned previously I have an eclectic array of tackle and it is not from top of the range companies but it works and I am happy that it will do what I want. I prefer to save my money to spend on bait and venue tickets.

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some of the cheap chub rods are superb, i bought a set of greys for far more money than my mate paid for his chub rods and to be fair, apart from mine being thinner, there isn't a lot in it.


i personally wouldn't want cheap reels though, shimano all the ways, smooth clutch and reliable baitrunner.

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