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hmm to buck the trend?

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right lads ive just re joined a syndicate i fished afew times around 5 years ago. Back then the going method was small tuti fruity pop-ups and apparently "nothing else works" sure enough it did work and i caught afew. now it seems the going thing is still exactly the same 5 years on and the lake im going to be targeting gets hammered, hardly a peg free at weekend and always afew on in the week. Now to me fish under such pressure and other than the odd angler the exact same tactics surely would have wised up ?


whats peoples thoughts, buck the trend and try something totally different like a particle approach or be a sheep and go for a tooty pop up with a standard led clip arrangement?

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Buck it. :shock: Do something different, if necessary do something different each time you go until you find what works.


In syndicate situations what normally happens is Joe Smith catches a nice fish and tells the others what bait he was using, then the rest all start to use that bait, a few more get caught then word on the bivvy bank is that it is only Brand X bait that will work, so then the rigs get discussed and it spreads that the best rig is a stiff/soft combi rig with a very large hook and they will all start to use that in conjunction with Brand X bait. Because they are all using it the fish start to wise up and the catch rates fall.


Norman Newbie joins the syndi and turns up with his bag of Brand Y bait on a simple mono rig bucks the trend and starts catching.


Give it a go and if you start catching dont tell them what you used. :twisted:

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I love bucking the trend on a new water...

We've all heard it - they don't take floaters on here mate, pop-ups don't work here, they only feed at night, they won't touch round boilies, particles only catch the little ones on this lake, groundbait is the kiss of death, etc, etc.




All that can be relied upon when confronted by a barrage of this type of "advice" is the unimaginative, lazy and thoughtless approach to angling by the people giving the advice.

It's like a red rag to a bull for me... "they don't take floaters..." is all it takes for me to send the controller out. What they mean is: they don't take my half-hearted, poorly presented and badly fished floaters...


Next year on your water it will be "tutti pop-ups are the kiss of death mate, get on the maize".

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Nicely pointed out, but I have since edited the censored posts (2 of them!).


In response to the original post (although after the language I don't know why I should offer), you did something different from the norm, and caught, so keep on being different. Many people fish those single pop-ups simply because they can't afford to pile in the bait, or sometimes because that is all they know.


They may well catch a few fish, but by being different you could catch a whole lot more.

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i asked for advice not foolish replys, iv been on this forum for years but its full of idiots now so think il be another one finding another forum.
The other forums are all the same mate, i should know cos i have been banned from 3 of them,prob my fault, i do get wound up easy. Anyway you want to do something different,something thats not been mentioned yet. FISH THE MARGINS, right under the rod tip even if it is only 18" deep. And squeece a piece of bread on the hook/hair
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