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Hopsford Hall

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Today i fished Hopsford hall it is a small lake in Shilton. I arrived at 7:00am the car park is only a short walk from the lake so i had a quick walk around before getting my gear out of the car. There were no fish showing and there were three bivvy’s set up around the lake so choosing a swim was limited. From the car park looking at the lake there is a island in the centre of the lake on my arrival there were two bivvy’s to the right and a bivvy to the left of the lake so i got my gear and went to the left side of the lake and fished to the island. There are no numbered swim’s on the lake but lake is very tidy and quite nice to look at. It is very open so when it’s windy you feel the cold just that bit more. I had a few bite’s but no fish i also had a bait taken without any sign of it being taken either tricky fish or a down fall on my side. I think the lake would get very busy during the weekend and even tho it was a Thursday with 6/7 anglers on the lake you will get a nice piece of lake to fish any more and it may become a bit of a squeeze especially if like me you fish mid week and are used to having a bit of room to fish.





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