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Perhaps it can prolong the cooking time, I don't know...

If I add salt to particles I put it in cold and then bring them up to the boil. This may be wrong I don't know... it works for me! When boiling spuds or veg for dinner it goes in first and perhaps that's why I've always done it like that. I must stress that I only add a little salt (large pinch per kilo of bait) but I have never really thought about the salinity prolonging the cooking time. I just boil them until they are done (varies for each type of particle).

Anything else added such as talin, sweetener or any flavour I always add at the end to the cooked bait and leave it to infuse for a while. If you added flavours or liquid foods before boiling they would probably be altered or destroyed by the prolonged boil that most raw particles need.

In short, my view is: salt first (just a little), everything else after.

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