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Etang Le Fays (Details + Key Info)

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Hi all, got a trip planned next year and decided to book Etang, any information will be helpful, things like bait, pegs, tactics ect. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated cheers :)


Hi Mate,


I went there in Sept 2013 and had the pig out at 66.6lbs, great venue, great hosts. We had clear sunny days with high pressure so the fishing was tough, not many fish out for the week.


I'd suggest a boilie only approach as there are a lot of pike in there and using particle usually resulted in cut offs from pike attaching silver fish near to the hookbait.


Its quite a silty bottom so I would recommend relatively long soft hooklinks or use a helicopter rig. Fish do show themselves so I'd make sure you look for signs before the draw and you decide on your peg.


Main area of the lake near and opposite the lodge is deeper, the other end of the lake shallows but is still between 4-6ft deep.


A lot of people swear by Ralph's boilies which are sold at the venue (very expensive) however I'd suggest and decent boilie containing robin red would work well. I used Baitworks Atlantic heat so that type of quality bait/colour would work well.


If you need to know anything else then pm me

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