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Wind directions in france

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I'm going to france on friday for a week long session in Limoges. I've just checked the weather and the wind is coming from the north, east and north east during the week. :cry:


I've read that northerly and easterly winds don't make ideal fishing conditions in the UK and was wondering does this apply in Limoges, France? :?




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You will find that wind direction is less important than temperature. If the winds are northerly/easterly it usually means that overall temperatures will be on the low side for this time of year, if so just be modest with free offerings as the carp will not be feeding hard. Having said that the weather forecast over here can change completely in 24hrs and for next week we have changed from cool wet weather to warm sunny weather on the forecast so check daily up to the time of your trip.Yesterday we had warm sunshine with carp crashing everywhere and we are only 100 miles from Limoges so you could be in for a nice suprise.Have a goodun.

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