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In pursuit of the largest - Terry Hearn


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A truly inspirational book that gives an insight into fishing for some of the most sought after UK carp from some of the country's most difficult waters. The narrative reads well (there are a few grammatical errors but on the whole is quite well written) and considering the book was written long-hand using pen and paper is testament to Terry's patience and attention to detail. One or two of the guest chapters do leave a lot to be desired however, with one in particular that perhaps should not have made the final print (at least without a total re-write) as it reads terribly. Rather like an abbreviated list of angling actions. Thankfully this chapter is quite short!


The book covers Terry's exploits from his early Yateley days, Wraysbury and a new British record, the "secret" mere, right up until his capture of "two tone" from Conningbrook at over fifty pounds.

Some of the Yateley chapters I found fascinating with detailed descriptions of both the historic waters and the equally historic carp that reside within (or at least used to - even rare, historic carp do not live forever!).

The chapters describing the fishing on the Mere (aka: Secret mere, Black mere, Colne mere) are excellent and really compelling reading. The lengths that Terry and Co. went to in order to catch the carp from this awesome venue are quite astounding culminating in Terry's capture of the "black mirror" a rarely caught, beautiful English carp of monstrous proportions.


On the whole, a good carp book and interesting read. Recommended for any "dyed in the wool" carp angler.

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Yep, nailed it in two days,  despite being reasonably busy during the days. Terrys determination, effort and attention to detail are clearly the factors that make him such a successful angler. I know most people would catch a bell of a lot more if they put in the hours he does but that doesn't subtract from his amazing successes. Really enjoyed it, especially the fact that I have a similar preference for angling very close in where I am able to watch the fishes reactions to the angling scenario you are presenting. There are some lovely fish in there, I think my favourites are the long well proportioned 37lb mirror caught by one of the guests on the water they moved onto in the winter I think, he had a 34 in the same session. That and the big dark common at 39 I think that terry had from conningbrook. Fishing the mere when they first started they're campaign must of been bliss!

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