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River Carping - Neil Wayte


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I was a little disappointed with this book I must admit. Perhaps Neil should be credited as being the editor rather than the author (he writes a couple of chapters but the book is largely a compilation of guest chapters by other authors / anglers).


I have done a bit of river carping myself so I was expecting a really in-depth, technical "how to" type of book that would go into detail about specific river methods and techniques. What I actually got was more of an anecdotal memoir sort of book with each contributor detailing their own favourite stretch of river or big fish, river capture.

The writing skill of each contributor varies somewhat (as you would expect) with some of the chapters lacking in any real substance apart from "look what I caught". Two notable exceptions are Mark Law's chapter on the Severn and Shaun Harrison's one on the Trent - both well written.


Although not quite what I was expecting it is still worth reading and does make a useful addition to the carp library. There are a few decent bait recipes to be found within it's pages (and a couple of dodgy ones!).

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the book for me is that the River Wye (it used to be my local and holds some monstrous carp and is probably one of best "carp" rivers in the country) is not mentioned at all.


On the whole an "OK" carp fishing book but a little disappointing due the lack of technical detail.

Neil himself mentions in the preface that "very little has been written about river carp fishing in the past".

Well, I'm sorry to say but this statement still holds true despite the publication of this book!


Recommended only for the most avid carp angling reader or somebody heavily into river carping.

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