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Mindless Shopping Sprees!

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I've just gone through one of those 'it seems like a good idea at the time' moments on ebay (partly encouraged by the wife) and bought myself all six different coloured Delkims TXi pluses and RX pro receiver :oops:


The other month I bought five different shimano aero reels 'just in case I may need them' :roll:


Why??? I dunno but have a habit of doing this and should impose a self ban from the ebay app on my phone


Though on the plus side I suppose I earn a lot of Nectar points :lol:


Please tell me I'm not alone when it comes to nonsensical impulse sprees :?

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You are not alone!


Almost every visit I make to a fishing tackle shop for 'just a packet of hooks', sees me spend around £35.


I bought new rods on an impulse, along with new reels. Nothing wrong with my older ones, I just fancied an update. :oops:

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I work in a tackle shop and I am constantly having lists in my head of items I could imagine buying. Those items quite soon have a tendency to become very important and allmost needed (even though I mostly have equal stuff at home)


The most recent stuff Ive put my mind on is the Penn Affinity 7000 Ltd. Im basicly just waiting for someone to hit me with a bat or something to put me back to normal reason.

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i once went to a tackle shop to buy a pint of maggots and ended up spending £178,

i have so many packets of tackle bits and bobs that i have never even opened, im sure ill get round to it one day.



I'm lucky our offices moved out of the main city centre as before I was 5 minutes from the fishing shop and spent far too much time in there spending ££££'s when just popping in for things like a packet of starlights

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Hi my name is Ozzy and I am a tackleoholic, when I started fishing In my first year I had one tackle box which had everything I needed in it.

Now I own five tackle boxes, two lead pouches and a tackle wallet some of which contain items of tackle that have never seen the bank and if I am being totally honest I also have secret stashes of tackle around the house, in the shed, in cupboards, draws and under the bed most of these were purchased on a whim and the combined cost is almost certainly running into quadruple digits. :shock::oops::oops:


Please Help Me

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Unfortunately what you have described is a serious condition that affects most people who that take up angling in general and carp fishing in particular. The symptoms are as described.

The long term prognosis is poor with little chance of a full recovery.

The condition can be controlled by cutting up all credit and debit cards and only entering tackle shops with a tenner in your pocket.

I admit that I am a fellow sufferer.

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You think you lot have it bad?


2 months ago I went boat fishing (sea) for the first time since moving to the Channel Islands. Afterwards I decided I needed my own reel - after all, as I explained to my wife, I'm left handed, and the charter boat's are all right handed.


Next came the rod (I might as well get everything rigged up before I go). Then another reel. Then another rod. Then the 'boat rucksack', terminal tackle, leads, knives etc. Then an uptiding rod, which needed an 'uptiding' reel (which is exactly the same as the two new boat reels I already have but you use it for, well you get the picture). New waterproofs. Another rod (for the wrecks)...... and yet another bleedin reel.


My last purchase?























A boat! :shock: :shock: :shock::shock::shock:

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You certainly arent the only one with this prroblem! I am constantly on ebay looking, buying watching items, some of which I would never buy but just in case!


I have gone into my local tackle shop to get some bait for a trip fishing and ended up coming out with a new bedchair, landing net, sleeping bag and more end tackle than I would need for a week in France!


Its addictive this carp game.


I think it has something to do with the in built gadget gizmo thingymebob love in us!

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