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lately I was reading in my carp mag about people spodding mud over their hookbait rather than feed to attract carp, I decided to go down to my local lake for carp and try spodding over a worm hoookbait mud with worms in. It worked and although the session was free I managed to pull out three mid doubles. Its well worth a try


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Interesting, as the fish will only be grubbing through it as it would the bottom silt anyway. Would the weight of the wet sand be an issue?


Make sure the sand is dry before you start putting your attractors in,most sand I get is damp just put some in a container in a dry place to dry out totallyt it goes like dust,also add some salt :twisted: with your attractor


massive bags would be a issue,small bags say 50mmx100mm and a descent rod say 2.5 t/c rod would get you 40/50 yards


this also gives you the option of lighter lead using the weight of the bag to get you out

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