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I know of a venue near Craven Arms. It is actually one lake that is spilt into two- one half Ludlow AC, the other BAA (Birmingham Anglers Assoc.). They are called Walcot East and Walcot West. If you look on the BAA website it is described as the "banana" lake. They sit in a lovely country manor estate and are very old and natural - it was dug by hand by Napoleonic prisoners of war so is quite shallow. It is near to a village called Lydbury North.


I have fished both sides but I prefer the Ludlow side. The lakes are linked by a sluice and I believe the fish can move freely between the lakes when the level is high enough.


There are some very good fish present. The stock is a bit unknown really ranging from ancient looking singles and doubles, a pair of mint upper 20 commons and a sprinkling of far larger mirrors. I saw a fish that was easily upper 30's once. They are very shy of any bank-side disturbance and you can go for days without seeing a fish.


It is a difficult venue as the carp are so shy and spook at the slightest sign of an angler. I fished the best part of a season for two fish. It is also heaving with tench so I was on 24mm hookbaits. 15-18mm baits will mean you are up all night with the tench.


If you fancy a challenge it is a lovely place to fish. Hardly any carp anglers with just a few tench and bream chaps fishing the days.


I plan to return there for a sustained campaign sometime in the near future.

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