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i recieved my 5kg of uncooked hemp today...got it as it would be cheaper preparing myself rather than buying tin stuff from tackle shops that are like a fiver a tin.

I hear you just boil for a few mins till the start splitting but.....

is there any little tips you can give me to do whilst preparing them e.g adding salt,chilli flakes etc


thanks in advance

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Google and YouTube are full of thousands of tutorials.


You really need to soak it for at least 24hours, before boiling it untill it splits. I have tried all the adatives and recepie a that people have suggested over the years, but I truly believe nothing will ever beat just plain old hemp.


Also, you don't actually need to boil it. Pouring boiling water over it and leaving it in a thermos flask/cool box for 24 hours will suffice. But make sure you put something heavy on the lid!

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