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Fishing down under


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As I said Macbilly, I'm not trying to make a how to catch carp blog, its a how I catch carp blog. :wink: each to their own, and I'm just as happy using a float rod and centrepin. Just not on this particular water. As long as your enjoying it, thats all that matter, not the methods.


heres blog 4 though for those that are interested.


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nice carp I would love to catch one of those the rivers round my way are bit different from yours. What depth of water were you fishing? You might have said on the blog just wondering.


Hi Stokecarper,

those were taken in varying depths between 4-6 feet, I have however taken carp in the 16-20 fot range in the same water. Find em, feed em catch em, or at least thats the plan :roll:

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