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carp clothing?

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Im thinking about getting some more clothing as only have 2 jackets,was thinking of a realtree suit or something similer,needs to be waterproof and fairly warm,im going to use it in spring autum and winter...i was wondering if anyone had any recomendations on where to buy from thats fairly cheep as i havnt got much cash so the cheeper the better really but still would like quality for the price :)


Where do you guys get your clothing?





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thanks for the link,looks pritty good although i dont think they post out the large size,says collect only :( theres a nice suit in my local tackle shop but they want £120 for it and although could afford it at a push would like to try and get the best deal i can if you know what i mean,more cash left to go fishing then lol

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do any of these suits keep you totally dry? ive had waterproof jackets before that i thought that were waterproof and i got wet when it hammered down. can they withstand torrential rain?? thanks


I've used my Trakker Tundra in some dreadful conditions and never had a sign of water ingress.


I'd point out that it's of no use having a totally waterproof top if your trousers are not, as the rain runs off your dry top and soaks your legs. I speak from experience when walking my dogs in the rain......... :shock:



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