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My name is Steve, and I'm a Carpaholic

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G,day folks,


I am a lifelong carp fisho from South Australia, my first ever fish was a carp, and catching it is one of my earliest childhood memories.

These days I enjoy fishing for carp with the light gear, (4lb braid, 8lb leader on a 7ft 1-3kg graphite rod on a 2000 size reel) which has changed my style of fishing to a more finesse approach.

While many see carp as a feral pest in Oz, I have grown to respect carp as a more worthy opponent when fishing light, as you really have to play the fish and let it run when necessary to avoid a bust off.

By law I am meant to despatch all the carp I catch, but in some of my local carp ponds, I have taken on a catch and release method, because I know that the carp cannot spread to other waterways, and I like the idea of preserving the fish populations for future carp fishing outings. These are waters where carp is the only fish species present, so I know they don't impact on native fish stocks.

I am a member of numerous fishing clubs, and participate in various fishing competitions, mainly in freshwater as I am only recently learning to fish in the salt.

So far my biggest carp was 74cm and 6.2kg from the Murray River.

Looking forward to chatting with you all, and sharing some of my carp fishing exploits.


Steve (Tinker) :D

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