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Hi all, this is my first post! - I have been fishing for years, however due to work and family issues had to stop :(


I am now getting back into it and have to break my PB of 30lb, so can anyone recommend a couple of good venues in France for me? I am taking my dad so It needs to be good for older gentlemen, you know easy access to the lake etc, Also must have food on site.


Thanks for the help! Also looking to get new reels, any recommendations for around £!50 a pair?

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Have a look at Rushes Lake, Vire en Champagne, Sarthe, France.


It meets all your criteria, especially the food(!!) and if life in a bivvy doesn't suit your Dad they have a self contained apartment/gite that would be ideal for him.


I've been there twice and would live there if I could!


Oh, nearly forgot. Welcome to this cracking forum. :wink:



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Speaking as an older angler, Fishabil can be a good place to start your French fishing. Especially if you take one of the nearer ferry crossings.


You are likely to be able to break your PB Carp there,as the place holds Carp over 50lb, and establish new ones for Grass Carp, Sturgeon, and Catfish, all from swims that your Dad will be able to get his gear delivered to by the bailiff, (or even possibly driven to in your own car if you use the dam wall swims).


Due to our imminent departure for an early ferry crossing we transferred our gear from the East bank to the Dam wall for one day on the Dam wall before we left:-



36lb + Mirror





Added to the above were a couple of 30lb + Grass carp, also caught by Elmo, as part of a 20+ fish catch on our last day on the lake.


BOF :wink:

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Sorry for the late reply, been over in Thailand fishing for big cats, which I would seriously recommend to any of you! I even caught a big king carp, I will post some photos when I work out how too :)


So my hunt for the perfect place to go Carp Fishing in France still continues, thanks for the recommendation of Crete lakes, looks really nice, someone said about Lodge lake, anyone heard of that? I have also heard that Roseau is great too - http://www.roseaucarpfishery.co.uk - so any advice would be great!


Also another question... I am going to be sorting out my tackle this year, after the wedding :) What rods would you guys recommend ?

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