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What is your newest purchase

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New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

What a load of twaddle! I bought a cheap light aluminium £50 pod years ago, that only got uprated within the last two years, but because I could. A goalpost pod I could fish as pod or banksticks,

listen up lads and i will impart the secret!! tuck the rods under your arm and just walk in like nothing is different, as you walk by the shoe stand just casually look down and say out loud,, NEW SHOE

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5 hours ago, cloud9 said:

what camera is that pooter? I am looking for something that fits that description 



Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT5 / DMC-TS5 16.1MP Digital Camera - Orange

I got mine for £264 or so. generally about £300 mark on auction site/amazon, I did a quick search. I've not got it yet though. Leica lens. Orange for visibility, waterproof up to about 40 feet, not that I'd be able to retrieve it from that depth but it should laugh st rain and general damp. Small too.

Panasonic camera orange.JPG

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On 04/04/2017 at 14:12, t30sxh said:

Also ordered a variety of end tackle, rod bands and tip protectors....but either I was drinking at the time or the website threw a hissy but the address is a combination of my sisters in the UK, but with my postcode and country of Australia.   So that package has now disappeared into the ether.

My package made it back to the UK and can be sent back to Australia...but with the correct address this time.  :) 

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On 2017-5-25 at 10:49, greekskii said:

just purchased some floater and zig tackle...seeing those cruising carp has got me gagging to catch them on the surface... and to have a dabble on zigs, something I've never really done.

It is fantastic form of fishing a good adrenalie rush when you catch solong as its not a duck then can be anightmare

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Purchased a baby tri-pod for self takes I saw someone mention on another forum. Upto now I've taken my proper tripod but it's a little bulky and can be a pain to carry when travelling light. 

This new one fits in it's own little bag in my main ruck sack and about the right size for self takes. Well worth a look.


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All 3 of my nash hgun bp10 reels the backwind has gone on all 3 at the same time!!! and i dont even use the backwind feature. P'd off is taking it lightly they are not that old and i didnt keep my invoice and so cant send them off to get them fixed or replaced. So just a warning if like me your on a budget they are naff not nash and will avoid all nash tackle now.

So anyway i had £3 left in a betting account and i managed to run that up to £130 and found on ebay 3x shimano boimaster 8000 xtb reels for £160 delivered im proper buzzing and cant wait to give em a try.

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