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A week on Redmire. My mate managed to get through last week so the 3 of us have the last week in September 

New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

Gorgeous... sounds like Rolling Thunder 

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16 minutes ago, Ginger9991 said:

Without sounding like a complete spanner.....which i might be, Can i just fit the normal gas cannisters to these? Like the ones in the link below? (these are not the exact bottles i use).



These are the fella's you need...


I gave mine it's first run out yesterday. Brilliant. So much better than the one I had before. Like I say, wish I'd bought it years ago.

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I've been rekindling my early days of carp fishing by getting hold of some older Carp Fisher magazines and a few books, mainly Tim Paisley. I have recently purchased A Passion For Angling in book form, The Fox Guide To Carp Fishing, both sets of dvds, plus The Fox Guide To Millennium Carp Fishing. Terry Hearns Quest For Black Eye, Carp Fever dvd 1 and 2. Anyone remember Liam Dale, fishing Rainbow Lake back in the day, got that as well. There's some really good viewing to be had, and it's nice to see how carp fishing has progressed over the years. I've just placed a bid on another Tim Paisley book :)

I love a good read

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19 hours ago, Highy said:


A mate a work says he's sellin all his gear...I says how much...he says dunno...i say £100 being cheeky...1hr later he's at my door with it all 😁😁😁...Barrow to follw too..

I'll tell you what mate you get some real bargains. 

I remember the bivvy you got the other month. 

Good on ya mate well done. :D:D

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5 minutes ago, Highy said:

really good bit of kit to be honest, especially for those fishing some questionable places. £600 though, insurance is cheaper. If I had the spare cash laying about though, then yeah why not. keep my self as safe as can be. 

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If anyone is looking for bargains, some of you will already know this but it's been much more thrust in to the public eye that CYPRINUS tackle is rebranded Trakker/Aqua/JRC etc. 

tacklediscount on ebay is the place to go. Items turning up in Aqua branded boxes, etc. for a fraction of the price. 


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