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So i sent this to Fishing Republic:

"Hi, Can I get an update on the order above please? I have had any update since I ordered it on the 24th. I have tried to call but after getting the “call is being transferred” message then eventually cuts off."

I get this back a few hours later:

"Thank you for getting in touch.

We aim to despatch all online orders within 1-3 working Days from Order. This means that orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be despatched between Monday & Wednesday.

Order totals under £9 will be delivered via Royal Mail.

Orders totals over £9 will be delivered via UK Mail.


If your order has not arrived within 5 working days please reply to this message or call us on 01709724700. "

Not great!

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Hi All,
Just to introduce myself I am the General Manager for Fishing Republic. Admittedly I am in charge of the stores and do not have any direct involvement in online, however I feel I still need to comment to set the record straight and clarify the situation.

Fishing Republic have had a full switch round in management and there have been some radical changes in the way FR operate. The new management have decided to clear a load of stock that we as a company have slow sales on and anything we are "overstocked" on. Hence the ridiculous prices on Black Friday Sales etc. This Sales campaign has over exceeded all expectations, so much so we sold more single products in one day than we did for the whole 2 weeks of last year’s Black Friday campaign.

The lads in the warehouse have been doing 14hr shifts 7 days a week to try and A.) Prepare for the sale and B.) Get the orders out on time and in the designated timescale. However, we were let down by UKMail not doing the late pickup on Thursday (Meaning all orders picked from 2pm Thursday had to go Friday morning) Then Friday the UKMail server went down so all the parcels that left Friday were kept at UKMail distribution centre until the issue was sorted on Tuesday. This means that any parcel that left us on Friday will not show tracking information until Tuesday. For this instance, we apologise however it was nothing due to FR.

On the "Stock in Store" issue. This is where we have "X" amount of stock per item held at our warehouse. All stock is shown on the website so customers can see if an item is held in their local store. This is why all store stock is used to populate the website. However, when we exceed sales on specific products (Black Friday being a perfect example) then we will sell out of "X" in the warehouse and will have to transfer back from stores the stock to send on to the customers to fulfil orders. The reason stores cannot send orders out is because the courier contacts we have will only pick up from one location. Plus, we have many packing desks holding at least 2 packers each here at Rotherham just to satisfy Mail Order. There's simply no room to do the packing/distribution from individual stores.

This leaves us in a catch22 situation. Either we show all stores stock and customers can see if their local store has said product in stock, or we only show warehouse stock on the website and then there would be no ability to view your local stores stock.
It has not just been the Warehouse staff working ungodly hours, the Customer Service team has too. Getting to work usually before most people even think about getting up to go fishing, and then leaving well into the night. One particular member has a set of 12-week-old twins and yet all hours this place has been open he has been in attendance trying to help out all possible customers.
It’s very obvious that the sheer volume of phone calls has jammed the system and many calls are not getting through to the CS dept. We do apologise for this but we are not intentionally avoiding customers. Same with emails, we have a full team answering emails during all hours, however unfortunately due to a certain publication companies fear mongering on Social Media channels this has caused panic where no panic was due. This has trebled phone calls and emails making the job even harder. Again, we apologise for the delay in getting back to people but there is no need to worry. All orders will be fulfilled OR you will receive a refund. All depts have been drafted in to help including mine. We have even had our CEO packing boxes and myself answering the phone and emails.

So, to summarise, NO Fishing Republic are not going bust, YES we have had difficulties caused by an unprecedented amount of sales over Black Friday, YES your order will get fulfilled OR you will receive a refund if you wish.

If you still want help on any matters of orders etc then feel free to Private Message me and I will endeavour to help as much as my team and I can.

This was the reply given by the FR boss on the Maggotdrowners forum (hope I'm not infringing copyright by reposting his reply)

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11 minutes ago, yonny said:

Guys complaining about Fishing Republic on another forum too buddy.....

Great im not alone then. Just takes an email or an update on the order. I know i have got a good deal, Im in no major rush for the stuff i have brought at the moment, but i do want to know my order is being dealt with. Especially as the number they advertise dont work and the email reply was generic.

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4 hours ago, Gazlaaar said:

Some of you seasoned anglers may remember these.

To this day I carry round with me one of the original Micron M's. I used to use it when one of my Delks inevitably went wrong in the rain, but I've not touched it since I moved to NTXRs. I think I still have 3 of the M's hidden away. Bombproof, never let me down, and they were the cheapest alarms I've ever purchased! I've changed the batteries once in 15-20 years!!

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9 hours ago, Big Common said:

Well done mate, I've watched that little lot take shape... Mission accomplished :D

You know yourself how reliable the older fox alarms were.

The solar springers have two sets of springer arm, one soft, one stiff for extreme range, couple that with the fully adjustable hockey sticks and you have an indicator for all occasions :)

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18 minutes ago, Big Common said:

Just wondering Gaz...... The ends look like little jack plugs in the photo... Do they light up for Christmas? :lol:


They connect to these adjustable hockey sticks, these allow you so much flexibility from swingers right the way through to totally locked up.

Fox have just started making their own variation now 



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On 30/11/2017 at 14:48, Ginger9991 said:

Great im not alone then. Just takes an email or an update on the order. I know i have got a good deal, Im in no major rush for the stuff i have brought at the moment, but i do want to know my order is being dealt with. Especially as the number they advertise dont work and the email reply was generic.

2 weeks and still no news on my £200 bait order..... won’t be using these guys again!

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Some of you may remember I bought a Snugpak Techlite sleeping bag earlier this year. Friday was its first real test IMO. To give you an idea how well it passed the test; I climbed in about 22:00 in minus temps and was toasty in 10 mins. When I got up the next morning (which was difficult as it was so warm and comfortable) I realised I'd actually not been in the bag itself, rather I'd climbed in between the bag and the top layer (Doh! - it was very dark in my defense).

Now I was using it with a thermal cover which I assume went a long way to keeping me warm despite my stupidity at not getting in the actual bag lol.... but it just goes to show, I reckon the bag, with a cover, is good for at least another 5 degrees below freezing. More than enough for any conditions I've encountered in the UK.

It's not cheap but I can't recommend it highly enough. Even with the cover it still weighs about 3 kg less than the next lightest winter bag on the market.

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25 minutes ago, Big Common said:

I'd be getting myself a refund and looking elsewhere.... One thing I hate is bad customer service, no communication etc... Leaves you in limbo... If you used Paypal , then you have 2 months from the original delivery date to get a refund, if you are not satisfied......... £200 isn't peanuts....

Sorry to hear you are having a few probs, good of you to let others know...

i will give them one last email then getting my money back. there Facebook page is getting a bit of abuse about this as well.

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On 11/12/2017 at 13:09, Ginger9991 said:

i will give them one last email then getting my money back. there Facebook page is getting a bit of abuse about this as well.

Good news! Fishing Republic delivered the 35kg of bait i ordered!....The bad news....I asked for shelf life due to freezer space.............so obviously they delivered the frozen! I managed to store 15kg in my bait freezer, The mother in law might not be happy when she finds out there 20kg of Urban Baits hiding in the bottom of her freezer!

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