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What is your newest purchase

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A week on Redmire. My mate managed to get through last week so the 3 of us have the last week in September 

New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

Gorgeous... sounds like Rolling Thunder 

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11 hours ago, framey said:

My buddies gone through 5 sets of batteries since February


12 hours ago, Highy said:

He's had em since they were launched n not changed em yet...??

Energizer ones same as me...ive not changes for nearly 12 month either...

Hmmmm…… I wonder who's been getting the more action....lol 😁

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On 08/30/2018 at 13:45, yonny said:

Managed to get a brand new copy of 'The Forgotten Chapters' by Gaz Fareham off ebay on a buy-it-now for a tenner! Normally goes for 30-50 quid so well happy with that.

I already have bids in on 2 other copies that are in pretty poor nick so now hoping I get outbid.

Also picked up Lee Jackson's 'Just for the Record' the other day which has got me proper hooked.  I'm hoping that my bid is against you on the next one up ? Only two bids at the moment ....👊


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4 hours ago, cloud9 said:



There you go mate...……… Bit gutted about the Cyprinus magnetic ones that I ordered a while back, they powder coated the inserts but left a rough textured finish which got jammed and I messed one up trying to free it (had to put it in a vice). I should've sent them back really, but tried to use them...…….. If you hold on a few days, I'll let you know what these are like, first impressions...… You can buy quick connectors pretty cheap and leave them attached to the brolly, if you are used to your magnet sticks... I'm not totally convinced with the magnet sticks, as you can only use them on the brolly really and not as long bank sticks, and one of my magnets is really weak, which was a pain when trying to adjust the height, as it jumps out of the slot...…. Perhaps a bad batch?...…….. My advice would be to buy the 3ft to 6ft extenders, just in case you need to send them back, anything over 1metre in length and the postage gets a bit steep, plus, at that length gives you the option to lower the brolly if needed...….. How do I know this????? Got some 48" sticks getting dusty in the shed lol..🙂

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2 bottles of Mainlines's Pro-Active Pellet and Particle syrup, Active-8 and Bloodworm(the two most effective flavors I've used)

42" NGT dual float system net

Hinder's Cherry bon bon pop-ups

Fox Easy Splice Needle(wonder how long it'll last🤔)

Stuff would have arrived Monday if it wasn't for Labor Day.


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21 minutes ago, Highy said:

Bargain...were from if u dont mind ??

Its from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-10-15CM-BANK-STICKS-2-15CM-BARS-CARP-FISHING-2-x-STAGE-STANDS-PLATFORM/362383847712?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

The description doesn't state it has stage stands with it but the title and picture do. If it arrives with out them it will be getting sent back as I only bought it as I wanted them too.

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Second hand Shimmy surf/spod reel loaded with new braid..... Ultegra 3500 XSD Competition.. Had a good look and play with it. Spool rim is mint, reel feels tight and smooth...…. Just a couple of small marks on the bale lever, nothing to affect the reel though...…. 50 quid, half price of a new one, so probably about right price with the braid included...… The pic is not the actual reel, it's of a new one..




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15 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

Where from mate? Wouldn't mind having a gander

I came across them on Amazon Marketplace, Angling-Supplies-Ltd, £19.97 + Shipping ( they are NGT. Don’t know if these will take you straight to the item but I’ve got, Listing ID: 0502UT12YM0, And Order Item ID:68899953630451. Hope that helps mate, I set mine up on an old bit of timber, I’ll try and send the picture if it will work??38A2B432-6020-417D-B4D4-9BA4B1BA5A22.thumb.jpeg.f241c6fb84d3dd89cc3a7102aa5616ae.jpeg38A2B432-6020-417D-B4D4-9BA4B1BA5A22.thumb.jpeg.f241c6fb84d3dd89cc3a7102aa5616ae.jpeg


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12 hours ago, Dannygooner said:

Them butt grips grip? I used some loser ones for one session. Never again. I was having to do my best Gordon banks moves to stop my rods flying in lol

I use those Solar butt stops myself.

My Century NG's had ball stops on the butt ( I didn't actually need butt rests at all with them). I now have very technologically advanced cable ties on my RH The Ones on the butts to stop flying rods.😉😅

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48 minutes ago, salokcinnodrog said:

I now have very technologically advanced cable ties on my RH The Ones on the butts to stop flying rods.😉😅

Nice touch lol...……...

I was using some NGT gripper butt thingies and I'm pretty sure they helped lift the varnish on my old NG's, abbreviated butt section...…. So I ordered some of these for a quid...…… Use them as rod bands and also as make shift butt clamps, if needed...…..


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My £25 including P&P rods arrived this morning! I only won them Sunday evening so really impressed with the service. The rods seems great, little heavier than my current rod but at the price I won't moan. Annoyingly I would of got the rod even cheaper had the company not used a Fed-Ex 24 hour service at the cost of £15, I actually won the rods for £10 but still a bargain.

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33 minutes ago, Dannygooner said:


Nice bit of inginuity though fellas. I was on a packed lake a few week back and a fella was floating some crust. He left his rod, the inevitable happened. Is it bad that I laughed 😂. Twice I've seen it this season, it still makes me chuckle. I did help the first old boy retrieve his via a boat. The recent fella wasn't so lucky. Just hope the fish got off ok

There's a few cats in the water I've been fishing, and heard a few stories like you mentioned...…… When the weed was up, you had to fish locked up and rods clamped, that's why I tried the NGT butt grips, which were ok, but the old varnish on my rods couldn't take how tight they gripped..... So I gave the pipe cleaners a go and they work alright, just cut them to best length and add a cm of shrink tube to the ends to cover the wire...…. 

Can just imagine that old boy panicking lol...….🙂

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