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What is your newest purchase

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New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

What a load of twaddle! I bought a cheap light aluminium £50 pod years ago, that only got uprated within the last two years, but because I could. A goalpost pod I could fish as pod or banksticks,

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27 minutes ago, yonny said:

Was that for whipping a new guide or just replacing the ceramic?

Bloomin' good deal if it was for whipping, I've seen custom builders charge 90 quid for that.

Blimey.... I just had a cane rod totally refurbished with new rings for £90...🤯

In fact I had two done for £180...



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17 minutes ago, yonny said:

Get used to it mate. All 3 of mine had to go in over the course of 2-3 years. After the last one went in they told me I had to send the receiver too for a software update. Proper joke. Moved to Fox after that and they've been flawless.

Which ones did you go for? MXRs I could do but not the thick end of £600 for a set of RX+s.

I like the look of the Nash R3's but don't know anyone who has them so no idea how robust or good they are.

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On 09/12/2018 at 20:10, Old school said:

How have they been? Just been looking at these, 

Disappointing. Haven't tried them in a fishing situation but I unboxed them and didn't like them. Superficial I know, but there you go I'm not gonna sit staring at 3 buzzers I don't like.

Grabbed a set of Nash R3's from ebay and am well happy with these. If Batman fished for carp, he would use them!! They are damn sexy!

I'll be using them for real next weekend.

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