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What is your newest purchase

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New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

listen up lads and i will impart the secret!! tuck the rods under your arm and just walk in like nothing is different, as you walk by the shoe stand just casually look down and say out loud,, NEW SHOE

What a load of twaddle! I bought a cheap light aluminium £50 pod years ago, that only got uprated within the last two years, but because I could. A goalpost pod I could fish as pod or banksticks,

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Took delivery today of the Cyprinus Typhoon bivvy. Not had the chance to put it up yet but from the quick look I have had it looks a good bit of kit, will put it to test over the weeknd. If it is as well made as their Magnatex brolly which lasted me so much longer than it should have considering the price I will be well happy.

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More hooks 😁

Trig hammers 

ESP stiff riggers 

Ibhooks sharpened choddas

Ibhooks almond hook point protector stuff 

Tungsten line aligners 

12lb Gardner Hydrotuff, I spent a while looking into this and have decided the 12lb should be about right on the tackle box test it shows up at 0.34 line and breaking at 17lb odd this makes it as good as most 15lb line but should cast a little better than the 15lb Hydrotuff I am currently using 🙄 

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10 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

12lb Gardner Hydrotuff

That's what I'm using (for the same reason (casting)). It's still hard as nails mate, very impressive stuff.

13 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

Ibhooks sharpened choddas

I didn't rate the IB Hooks. They tend to be over-sharpened imo. They're cheap compared to others and some are very sharp, but the points are very short due to too much material removal. There are also issues with consistency but some are useable. Many are not imo.

If you Google 'THE SHARPENED HOOKS THREAD' you might find a review I did of all the sharpened options available with close-up photos on another forum.

15 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

Ibhooks almond hook point protector stuff 

Oooooh, that's new to me, not seen it before. Let me know what it's like please mate i.e. is it wax based or petroleum jelly based (vaseline type stuff).

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That's the stuff 

I just bought them to see how other people sharpen there hooks compared to me really, I have looked at most of the pro sharpened hook sites already but just fancied seeing what they were like, I will still sharpen my own I think, but I will have a look Yonny cheers 

Trig hammers are my starting point this season for 2 of my rigs wafter/snowman and Ronald they seem pretty sharp already, just a tickle and they will be bang on 

And I am just trying to find the right one for for my Hinged stiff rig now hence all the others 😁

It is an addiction I think but it's the most important but of kit we use so that's why I validate it 😁

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