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What is your newest purchase

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3 hours ago, elmoputney said:

5 per weekend that is £442 a year

Yeah mate sorry £1.60.

& i only get 5 weekends a year fishing (😕), so that cost comes right down

2 hours ago, yonny said:

You guys are nuts using Fox leads imo. There are loads of options for cheap leads now lads. I wouldn't pay more than 70p a lead nowadays.

I like these leads for the listed reasons. I did buy knock offs a while back, but they needed drilling out and the difference in quality was clear to see after a few retrievals. 

If I was young free and fishing all the time, I probably would look to get cheaper ones, but as they say its the last 12" that matters!! 


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A week on Redmire. My mate managed to get through last week so the 3 of us have the last week in September 

New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

Gorgeous... sounds like Rolling Thunder 

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53 minutes ago, framey said:

Be interesting to see your review as it looks like it will cast like a bag of spanners 

I have the Gardner version and they don’t cast too well

I had a Gardner one and I think this one may cast a little better there is more weight at the nose of it so it should fly nose first like an arrow in theory it's probably slightly more aerodynamic ✈️

Just had a thought though if you want to make them more aerodynamic put it in a pva bag you could rake in some free pellets at the same time 😁

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My newest purchase was some camera equipment to start doing some vlogging, got some good trips planned and hopefully get some good footage! 

Just uploaded my first full video on YouTube, this is the first time I have recorded and edited a video myself and I am buzzing with the result. It’s not perfect but for a first attempt it’s spot on 👌🏻 go check it out and if you like the video remember to subscribe because I will have many more coming up! Any support is massively appreciated. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCVHMlOfbVe6wGUDuxOyIjsw




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On 28/06/2020 at 18:56, bluelabel said:

A kilo of sultanas to prepare as spiced sweet bait... caught on it years ago... gonna try it again... steep in boiling water for a wee while till they swell, pour off the water, add mixed spice and a huge lug of honey and stir... allow to cool, portion into batches and freeze... then thaw out and then refreeze... fish on a stack on a hair or directly on the hook over a light scattering


Addendum... keep a tub of water to wash hands and catty in after baiting up... veeerrry sticky...

Well I'm looking forward to reading about your results , Blue .


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4 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

I've been to 2 fishing shops, 

Had to buy fox exocet mk2 marker braid, as no Gardner available 

NGT distance sticks (again) 

Semi stiff tungsten loaded in Camo 

I also held some shimano tx2 rods, have to say I quite liked em, I was strong though, no rods bought today, 😁


ive got the tx5 3lb loverly rods 

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8 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

I only looked at those because he had one out,but yeah nice rod for the money, I know Terry Edmonds uses shimano rods for his tuitions, I would certainly consider them or something shimano when I next need some new ones, 

Terry Edmonds changes rods more than Jim Shelley changes bait lol

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2 hours ago, bluelabel said:

Well they didn't work this time round... got 2 batches in the freezer for my next trip

I wonder if it wasn't so much the sultanas not working , maybe the Carp aren't feeding very well at the moment ( there's another post by Carpmaster on this subject ) ? .

2 batches to go then 🤞


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