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What is your newest purchase

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A week on Redmire. My mate managed to get through last week so the 3 of us have the last week in September 

New sleep system - going down well!  Room for 2 no arguments!    

Gorgeous... sounds like Rolling Thunder 

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26 minutes ago, Big Bass said:

Highy Carpology tv got Soniks new kit for 2021 up on YouTube... I haven’t a Scooby Doo how to put the link up sorry. 

It's OK, I've seen it on a notification, just out wi Dog, back home, Drink then will be on in the living room on the 55"showing the Mrs what I want 😁😁

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19 hours ago, Highy said:

Does this count 🤔🤔


Nice, love my crossover i wanted an old Honda the HRV or CRV but went with a KIA love it and i get better mileage in it than i did a 1.3 fiesta petrol, the KIA is a 2L diesel.

Was looking at the Nissan but my sister has one so.. you know how it is with siblings. 

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On 05/11/2020 at 10:02, elmoputney said:

I had to spend £40 to get free delivery from blakes 

40kg of parti mix with Aniseed 

4ltr molasses 

Aniseed and bunspice wafters 


That should last the winter 😁



This arrived this morning, I quickly realised 40kg wasn't all going to fit in the one bin 😁

I think I will be cooking a bit next week 😳 🤔😊 



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