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1 minute ago, Highy said:

Did you remember to buy the heli safe as well as the heli safe Tubing kit... That's we're they get you I think... All same product but have to buy 2 seperate lots of components. 

almost didn’t lol , luckily there was an option to buy both or I probably would have😁

yeah it would make more sense from there point of view to sell separately, but if it works then I’m happy to buy lol…..    think I will have more confidence in playing a fish with this setup, looks a good substitute for the leadcore leader 🤞 

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  • 3 weeks later...

just a few bits for me to see off a few end of summer sessions,  just a load of end tackle restock and and bottle of the hinders betaine black should compliment the ecton berry nice, order some bait and pick up when fishing, if the sun's out and the carp are on the surface it's all i need to get out. 

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1 hour ago, ouchthathurt said:

They aren’t going anywhere! The wife and kids are much better now, they had a slight temp and headache for 2 days, whereas I’ve got flu like symptoms and a tight chest. Feeling better each day. 👍

Get well soon mate, have a feeling it is going to get more common again now the kids have gone back to school, 

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