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What is your newest purchase


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9 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

Today I have mainly been buying 

ESP butt grips medium size 

Delkim smart line clips 

And some pellets 

I still need some bits from bank tackle and also some bulk Pva mesh? Can anyone recommend any of the ebay sellers? 


I bought 3 x 5mtr 37mm for £15 in August and still got some left. 

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3 minutes ago, Highy said:

I did look at that one thanks, will get some now I think 👍

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40% off Carbon Baits Particles

36 minutes ago, Highy said:

Ordered the Below Particle....

1 Jar of Each 3ltr Mainline...

2 Shelf Life Jars of Carbon Baits Co2 Nutty 5ltr each. 



15 minutes ago, Pete Springate's Guns said:

Got 20% off a Solar SP C-Tec Sleep System on Ebay. 
First outing tonight (when I eventually get there)!


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That sinking feeling you get when you see the rods you bought recently now with 20% off, 

Quite a bargain now £167 for 3 

So to cheer myself up I bought some 

TA Noodle kickers in both sizes 

And wide gape x in kamakura and non kamakura just incase the kamakuras Blunt too easily 😂

And a pack of krank x in a size 6, 

I'm going to have a look at the noodle rig this week 


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