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Any targets for the new year?

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My target this year is to catch my first carp from my current club water(s). It's not easy at the best of times but even harder/nigh on impossible during the day. After two seasons of (on and off) day only sessions resulting in one dropped run I was ready to try another club...


However, today I bought my first bivvy so I'm going to stay at the current complex and I'm determined to be successful.


Before that I want a double figure pike, the jacks seem to love me. (Sorry, non carp related)

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I wouldn't say I have particular targets but I have areas of my fishing that I'm keen to improve. Having mainly fished fairly actively on small rivers for other species and moving recently to carp fishing in lakes, I'm determined to improve my casting accuracy at range.


I find it difficult to hit the area I want to fish consistently despite marking and clipping up the lines and it takes me a few casts to be happy with my positioning. it's not just about placing my hook bait but being able to incorporate other methods into my fishing and bait delivery.


For me I see it as part of completing a jig saw and it's all well and good identifying where you want to place a rig but then actually getting your bait there. Nothing frustrates me more than tying a pva bag and then missing the spot due to my casting.

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