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Suffolk & Norfolk syndicates

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West Stow is now fully otter fenced, bearing in mind this is a 17 acre lake, that's a massive undertaking.

For those that are not aware, this lake has already produced at least 6 different 40's in its history, with the lake record currently at 45lb 4oz.

We have a very large number of 30lb plus fish in there & a very well managed stocking program that will ensure the future of the fishery.


The Nunnery lakes have a well proven pedigree of large carp, venue record is a Common over 48lb (this fish is probably over 50lb now!!) However we currently have at least 14 fish over 40lb on the complex!! As well as a very large head of 30lb plus fish!!

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I think Newmarket was pointing out it sounds like we don't need to advertise for any members and before we had a ban on publicity, now we are promoting the venue and looking to attract members


There is no shame to state you need more members, if you didn't I don't think the website would of been launched or the request to add your name to the list.


Nice website but be careful of sending mixed messages I think was his point, you cant have it both ways Private no publicity, now publicity is out there because you need more members I think and nothing to do with waiting lists


Sadly today people will leave venues for various reasons, you are now having to attract new people hence the publicity no shame in that but not what you have been used to until now. If the club syndicates are full why not state that on the website to save wasting peoples time ?

Why not have the venue rules shown ( they aren't) and the joining fees ?

That would make better sense and save letting people down when they get advised you are on the waiting list, selective membership ?

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Thats a bit harsh surely ?

Hey look at our lovely lakes and wonderful fish aint they great ?


You cant fish 'em though we're fully subscribed ! :)


Even Ahmead has a website like that, and I would be dead 4 times over before I got the the end of the waiting list....and my application screwed up. No harm in showing off what bthey got and drumming up interest for years to come :thumbs:

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That is very true and the reason this is called a Forum, everybody can express an opinion right or wrong.


The website for NS is a superb job, people can make their minds up if its the venue for them after they have looked etc, some people want different things from a venue which is good or we would all be trying to fish the same places


I do think the website should show membership rules and prices to join, that way people could decide before sending in an application, just my opinion


My membership comes to an end at NS soon but I am still not sure if I should renew at this stage as I have other memberships right to end of 2014. Sadly its all about money in many cases and the enjoyment you get back. Keep up the good work as I know alot of hard work has taken place and you have support from well known anglers in the region.

Maybe I will look at NS in 2015 but by that time I am sure you will be very full and I wouldn't put my name down on anybodys waiting list regardless of the venue.

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Apologies mr bullet if i upset you at all , it wasnt my intention .

To be totally honest i am unfamilar with the way syndicates work and on the face of it , the early part of this thread appeared to be advertising this wonderful fishing complex with all these superb fish and then immediatley slamming the door shut in the face of any interested parties (a bit like showing a sweetie to a baby and then taking it away :D ).


As i say im not familiar with the way these syndicates work so i apologise once again.

I AM interested though in finding out a bit more about the subject ?

My only previous experience of a syndicate wasnt very pleasant i'm afraid .


Having shown an interest in one syndicate , i was invited to the fishery for a "test" session . The powers that be in the syndicate wanted to vet me and make sure that my fishing was "suitable" and of the "required standard"


....and this was just to get on a very long waiting list ?


Now i have every confidence in my ability as an angler but i wasnt having any of that !


How does your system work mr bullet ?

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Our syndicate works in a very similar manner to be fair. It is a method that we find very beneficial. Our primary concern is fish care & welfare, our rules reflect this and we use this vetting process to ensure that any prospective members have the knowledge, experience and are able & capable. It also allows us to have the opportunity to discuss this & various other aspects of the syndicate face to face on the bank. We use it as a two way process, we encourage the person to ask us anything they want to know as well.

We are not interested in how good a carp angler anyone might be, it's purely to ensure that we are comfortable that they fish safely & look after any fish caught properly.

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