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Fishing virgin but have three lakes

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Hi, I have a place in the SW of France, http://www.manoirdegurson.co.uk/#!fishing/c18d2 I have 98 acres of land and on it there are three relatively unfished carp lakes.

They are good to go but over the next couple of years I want to improve the stock, the lakes and introduce facilities.

All advice welcome and I would entertain business possibilities with anyone interested in partnering up on this venture.


I am not a fisherman but when I get the chance I fully intend to take up the sport if only for R and R.


Cheers, Ray

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With regards to stocking, you will need to find out what the local laws are.


The reasons for people going to particular lakes varies. Might be size, quantity or species.


Have a look at what your local lakes are doing and further a field to get an idea of what works and hopefully what doesn't. Holiday villas, b&b, lodges, family friendly, individuals and small groups. If possible try to speak to the owners of places similar to what you hope to achieve.


Anglers are probably the worst people to ask as we are all tied up in our own little world of what works for us, but this means you should be in the best place as you are not blinkered at the moment on what is the best thing to do.

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hi pretty much like yourself only smaller we bought a 7 acre napoleonic lake with 22 acre woodland and meadow family owned and untouched for 37 years , i and my partner have fished any day we had spare for years and we did 2 years research before even looking for a lake , its taken 4 years to look find , buy and get the permissions for licence and validation touristique / camping a la ferme etc because we are in the national forest , we are now at the point of completing our first 5 week work session i took a digger a truck 2.8 kwh solar sysytem and about 20k worth of oyher equipment out and now have a working derigation new fish grills and other bits in place , we are aiming for a drain down in oct because the lake upriver burst its dam wall last month so we now have all his stock as well !!!! { 3 acre carp brochette gougeon etc  } all these are wild carp which unless controlled gy predators will probably attain sizes of arround 10kg in the wild this can grow with food supply water condition etc , am hoping to return early may for the summer . { had to return to england busines probs lol } and it dosnt sound like were miles apart , maybe we should chuck some of my rods out and have a chat i or the contacts ive made may be of use to you and if your fish are like mine they dont know what food boilies or noise are as such usual tactics will produce few results , but i got enough tacle on site to keep 5 or six people h, appy for a week or two  :wink:


 funny how every day i took off work i fished for 5 years untill i bought a lake lol 


p.s is it the lakes donald from chalus immobilier mentioned to me ??


howard & vicki 07802976321

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sorry forgot to mention this the limosin lake owners assosiation set up to fight the closures the limousin water authorities are trying to impose and have been helpfull beyond recomendation saving me about 20k worth of work !!!! its 32 euro to join and lake insurance on there block policy hasnt risen for 17 years ,, only 62 euro for our lake !! if you own a lake they are a must and would love more english members 


full title is ------- syndicat des etangs de la haute vienne

                             safran - 2 av georges guingouin -cs 80912 panazol

                                     87017 limoges cedex 1

      tel 0587504190 le matin  fax 0587504189 mail bcaf@safran87.fr

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They may be competitors, but can I suggest you ask for some advice and maybe help from Mrs_rusheslake (Kim) on here and possibly Moorsey?


They may be able to give you some on hand advice for setting up the fishery and getting the full licences and SIRET code etc.


I know that although both are members on here, if you Google Moorlands and Rusheslake you should be able to find them, and they both have Facebook pages

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I have bailiffing experience on French lakes that went very well indeed, am an exceptionally good cook and professional chef, have a great attitude and thorough passion for and good experience in carp fishing, as well as great conscientiousness, and the 'common touch'. 

I might be interested in talking to you about a position. Please PM me if you want to discuss things further mate.

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