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Carp waters - East/West Midlands

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I am looking for a decent carp water in the midlands (ideally east but I'm willing to travel). I am aware of willesley, and I will definitely be fishing that over the next couple of weeks.


I am also aware of the fact that the East Midlands lacks in carp waters! Well from what I can gather anyway... Does anybody know of anything other than this?

Fish on my own a lot, so if anybody fancies a good session, PM me - it would be nice to have some company.



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How far do you want to travel, I'm east mids and might know a few places, how much are you willing to pay for the day or season - there's cheap day tickets from £5.00 to over 30 quid for 24 hours.


Also what do you hope to catch in terms of numbers and size?


Sorry mate questions not answers lol :D


edit: Willesley sounds like a nice place, might be a good option

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I don't really mind travelling a few miles to a decent lake mate! Also the money side doesn't matter, you get what you pay for... If there's a good head of 20s and maybe a few 30s I will pay upto 30 quid for 24hours if need be!


My PB is 19lb 2oz, so of course I'm looking to beat that, but a nice atmosphere and chance at a decent fish will suit me nicely!

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There is a club in Derby 'Pride of Derby' I think.


Was talking to a guy once who said the lakes held good numbers of 20's and chance of bigger.


Willeslely has the sizes and stock your after - seems a good choice. Get on a club water if you can it's better value and can be more secure.


Bluebell Lakes, Tansar - has several lakes, their runs water Mallard is now doing 20's with the odd 30 -that's going to be one hell of a lake with the way it's going - nice fish too.

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I actually live in derby, gonna have to look into that.

Are you implying that willesley is unsafe? Doesn't sound too bad to me.


Just going to have a read up on bluebell lakes now. I've fished drayton res before now which is where I caught my PB. Not the best looking fish (clearly mistreated), but it put up a good fight.


Bluebell lakes are 80 miles away, so I'm presuming you have had some good sessions there



I have spent a lot of time fishing at hemington, next to the a50. A very small lake but it's close to home and I love the place in summer.

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Just had a look through the Cromwell website.. Looks phenomenal.


Definitely going to fish there this year!

Lining up a good year travelling round fishing.

Thanks guys


I have fished Cromwell for last 2yrs brilliant 5* fishery

well kept,cracking fish with a few 40's and lots of 20's and 30's

ring the night before you go tho it gets very busy

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try Hardwick Hall at M1 Junction 29. Not the most prolific venue but as picturesque a water as you'll ever fish. Carp to 20+ plus large tench, perch & bream. Day tickets about £5, run by National Trust, season 16th Jun to 28th Feb. Was netted a couple of years ago and some large fish removed. Some locals reckon lots of biggest fish were removed (sold off?).

Also Pebley Reservoir nr Worksop - 10 mins from M1 Junction 30.



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On 17/02/2014 at 21:18, blanksalot said:

Joe, ever been newark way ?


There's oakhill near norton disney, holds a good head of 20's but can get very busy. (had a couple of mid 20's from there)


sapphire lakes , A1 pits ( 6 lakes to choose from)


and of course cromwell, the home of the 30's & 40's

A couple of years too late but mill farm fishery in gilmorton Leicestershire has very big carp and a good place in Derbyshire is Longford off a52 between derby and Ashbourne 

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have you tried earl of Harrington in derby, not fished it personally but they have a dedicated carp water

then there is pride of derby with the main carp lakes (pride lake and olvers lake) needing a premium ticket and the waiting list is 3 or 4 years long

a1 pits stinks of poo literally, you can see the bog roll hanging from the trees but at £15 for 24 hours its cheap

ncb area 5 in Ilkeston has a few lakes main 1 being manor floods (where I cut my teeth many moons ago)and needs a separate syndicate ticket or you can fish the famous mapperley res

and theres trent view a newish day ticket water the other side of Nottingham from you

moore green syndicate but at £600 its a bit on the steep side

ajs fisheries has a few syndicate lakes and is well worth a look

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I'll give derby a look but a1 pits is the pits lol

hemmington I find is always over fished as it's quite an easy lake. 

Coopers arms is good not the lake with the fountain but the other one. I personally have caught 3 over 20lb and can expect to bag 100lb in a day but for me there are only three top pegs.


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