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Bank Sticks or Rod Pods ?

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Do you prefer to use bank sticks or a rod pod, why do you use one and not the other ?


I nearly always use goalpost system buzzer bars. However my complete pod can be used as a pod, or as banksticks.


If I can get the sticks into the ground then I won't use the pod. If however I have to use the pod, then I will do so.

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????? ,Does no one cut a Y hazel from the hedgerow any more ,????.


If I'm down at the lake single rod stalking and need a rod rest, I prefer not to cut a branch off a tree, but will happily use a deadfall branch :wink:


Is it hazel, willow and alder that can grow fresh roots from shoots or cut branches?

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depends where i am tbh. sometimes only a pod can be used, if poss then sticks for me


Same here. Prefer single sticks, usually scattered around my swim in apparently random style. I like the separation and room to manoeuvre.




Not more than 6 feet apart I hope!


No, mate. Wherever possible I'll set them in such a way as to give me good access from either side but still within arm's reach of each other.


I learned this from my first visit to Rushes Lake, near Le Mans. Twice in a week I had takes on two rods, almost simultaneously. Both times were in the early hours and both times my son, in the next swim, was sound asleep and snoring so I was left to my own devices. Now that was a laugh..........



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