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Rod pod set up


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Hi all when the rod is on The pod should you have the first eye past your bite alarm or before it or does it not matter one little bit because I've seen some guys first eye past and some before so a bit confused.

the alarm or front rest should be between eyes, it doesn't matter which eyes, I like to have the rods back from the waters edge as I fish a tight and narrow lake, this gives me room to play fish at the margins

what you don't want is the rod being pulled by a strong fish against one of the eyes as they will weaken and get damaged like this

Just think about getting some good gripper butt rests that fit properly, many put a rubber band on the rod for the butt rest to pull against (I don't mean elastic banding the rod TO the rest here). I use a cable tie clued to the butt section and I think about where the alarm is placed

Too many people have their rods pulled in through lack of thought is what I'm saying mate, carp are fast and powerful, even 8 pounders can do this easily

I don't like pods anyway, single sticks are the simplest and most stable setup

If I'm fishing on hard banks I still find somewhere/anywhere to get a bankstick in or tape it to a pole on a stage or something

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The pod is simply not long enough from front to back to have the rods set-up as I would prefer. Probably one of the reasons I prefer not to use it if I can get away with it. However if I have to I have to, but only when the ground is too hard to put banksticks in.




When using a rod pod, the butt eye on my rod is out in front of the buzzer. On my rods Century NG's  I have a stainless steel butt stop. This I put up against the back of the back rest and it stops the rods being pulled in. 

(If you look at the pic, you can see it http://www.centurycarp.co.uk/carp-rods/century-ng/ )

I know that Century are not the only company to fit them to their rods, I believe that Nash did or does the same.


As for indicators, the hanger, swinger or whatever I use on maximum will pull up with the slack line on a take. 

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I dont think it matters really whereabouts your indicators /alarms are tbh .

As for saving your rod given a savaage take then there are loadsa really strong really cheap butt rests out there .


Would snag ears help at all with that ?

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I have always had the first eye 10 or so inches behind the alarm, gives a better angle for the swingers to move through. The fox quattro is long enuf to achieve this, had a sod pod before that was too short (tho u could get an extension bar) design floor or tactical marketing???? I like a long drop on my hangers and this is difficult to achieve coming straight off the reel.

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I have to agree with Dal on this, particularly his point about indication. However, if I'm fishing near known snags I fish with reel(s) locked up and prefer to have the first ring my side of the alarm just as a bit of a backstop.


Quick edit....This is something that I do when using separate banksticks too, not just when using a pod.



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