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Advice on how to clean/wash a sleeping bag please?

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Does anyone have any advice as to the best way to clean a Trekker Big Snooze Sleeping bag + Fleece?


Can it be done in a regular machine, laundrette or dry clean? I did read somewhere that you should never dry clean a sleeping bag, but I'll go with other peoples real life experiences on this one.






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Thanks for the reply Nick.


And you've had no problems doing in the washing machine. I assume a low temp wash with short spin would be better?





40degrees and spin, which I use for almost everything anyway.

Never a problem with killing a washing machine. Strangely enough, although many places will convince you to buy a new washing machine, it is often the brushes that die, NOT the whole machine, and they are replaceable (more so if you into DIY or have an engineer round).

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