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Multiple fish on at once

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Apologies if this should be in the newbiw question section, but a few times now I have been playing one fish when my other rod has gone off. All times I have had someone with me who has been able to play the other fish but I have wondered how I would manage it when I am on my own. On a runs water I only fish 2 rods, but the risk is there.


What do you do if you are alone and both rods go? Do you let the 2nd rod run and hope the fish doesn't get snagged (not great), or strike into the fish with your spare arm, then end up not being able to play either fish - also not good.


I guess the easiest answer is to use one rod, but how many of us do that, especially on a harder water?



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It's a fortunate problem to have to deal with. And I think luck comes into it more than anything.

In the rare couple of times this has happened to me, I've either completely ignored te second rod, but kept an eye on it , because its open water, with no snags.

Other situations I have left the rod where it is, but tightened the clutch so the fish can't take too much line, and held the rod still with my foot. Sometimes swapping between rods and fish depending which is doing what.

It sounds all very organised, but I don't think you can do it without being in a complete flap!

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Brooksey, I've had this happen twice in a week when fishing at Rushes Lake, near Le Mans, France.


What I did was jump about in panic mode then strike into both fish, trying to assess which of the fish was the larger/most energetic. Having made my choice I concentrated on safely landing what I perceived as the "better" fish and brought it to the net as quickly as I felt was safe, while standing on the line from my other rod, effectively keeping this fish captive.


As all this, on both occasions, happened in the early hours I was barefoot and could feel the line beneath my toes. I was surprised just how much I could control the lunges of the "second" fish.


The outcome? I landed 48lbs of carp in the first instance and 40 exactly on the second. Got to just love Rushes Lake. :wink:



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